What is Cloud Agent on Android?

By: Edon Lazaj

A part of the technological modification, there are a lot of platforms where you can store and backup your files without carrying a flash drive or occupying too much space on your memory card.

From this site, you shall discover what a Cloud Agent on Android Devices is and other related discussions on how to resolve issues about it. Just take a quick reading below to find discoveries! 

What is Cloud Agent?

Cloud agent is a type of built-in system made for Android phones. Samsung devices frequently use this like a Dropbox application.

The main function of it is to store photos and upload them into your Cloud Agent account. Though its job is to sync all your files in a dropbox cloud, it will still make the photos accessible on your gallery.

This system is beneficial for Android devices that lack memory space and wanted a backup for their files. Instead of deleting most of your photos, it is much better to keep and store them somewhere else. 

How to use cloud agent on Android?

How to use cloud agent on Android?

A modern way to transfer files from an Android device to Cloud storage is simple. Just sign up for your Cloud Agent account first, set the terms and conditions under that app, and start to save your files.

Identify the photos, videos, files, and other important documents that you wanted to store on your Cloud. Next is tap the share icon. Read the submenu and choose to share on Cloud.

Accept the permission car notification by tapping “Allow” for it to continue. You can also organize the storage by creating folders. Rename them to a specific name for easier identification.

Finally, save the changes made. Note that the Cloud Agent itself will consume a large sum of space, but it depends on the size of stored data.

Can I delete the cloud agent on the device?

Since Cloud Agent is a built-in system for Android Phones it cannot be removed from the device, thus it can be disabled from syncing your data.

Disabling Cloud Agent starts by going to phone settings. Scroll to Application Manager and open Cloud. When your device was rooted you just have to freeze the Cloud Agent.

But if not, the service should be disabled. Do it by tapping the “Force Stop” option, followed by “Disable”.

Unlike before, your data will not be automatically uploaded or connected anymore to your account on Cloud Agent. So, if you delete some photos or files, you cannot retrieve them or have an automatic backup.

How to fix Cloud Agent on Android

How to fix Cloud Agent on Android?

Several complaints have been received by the management that the Cloud Agent has stopped or an error has occurred while the phone data are browsed.

On a positive note, this is not a major issue. Google services that run in the Cloud Agent have stopped suddenly which caused the malfunctioning of its system.

To fix the problem, follow these sequential instructions carefully. The first step, go to phone settings, open or search for the “Application Manager”. In the application manager, look for Cloud Agent app info.

Proceed by tapping “Force to stop the service”, then disable the system. Next is tap “Clear Cache” followed by tapping the “Clear Data”. Lastly, Enable the system back and restart your Android phone.

A lot of people have used this method and the error was not noticeable ever again. Therefore, the instructions above may work on your device too.


So, there you have it ‘What is a Cloud Agent on Android?’ including its purposes, plus strategies to set things up and ways to fix some errors.

Keep reading and following those steps to help you back up those special memories on your phone.

Lastly, if you are an Android user or have a friend with cloud agent problems, recommend this site to solve their problems with no trouble.  

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