How to Access SIM Toolkit on Android?

By: Edon Lazaj

When buying a new phone, people do not usually pay attention to SIM card settings. Little did you know, a SIM card contains all information, permitting you to connect with everyone?

Surprisingly, only a few people have an idea of How to access SIM Toolkit on Android phones. If you are not one of them, you should not worry.

This article discusses details about the SIM Toolkit app on Android devices, and especially how to access this kind of application.

Furthermore, complaints about receiving errors from the app will not be a burden anymore. So, what are you waiting for? Follow those methods and start exploring the SIM Toolkit application.

What is the SIM toolkit on Android?

The SIM Toolkit is a handy application allowing you to access the SIM card’s information.

In addition, this application consists of a set of programmed guidelines to the SIM card comprising IMSI, Authentication Key, Contact numbers, Messages, PIN and PUK, and Temporary Information of the SIM.

Similar to Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) system, SIM Toolkit software has RIL, SIM toolkit service, and user interface.

How to access the SIM toolkit on Android?

How to Access SIM Toolkit on Android

To access your SIM card Toolkit, follow these instructions. Step one, browse the SIM Toolkit and open its Settings. Go to “About Phone”. Tap the “Status” and then the “SIM Status”.

At this point, your SIM card information such as phone number, network status, and roaming information is revealed.

To manage your SIM card data visit settings again. Proceed to wireless settings, then see SIM and Network Settings. Just choose between SIM 1 and SIM 2. Continue scrolling until you find SIM Toolkit.

How to enable SIM Toolkit on Android?

If you have trouble accessing the SIM Toolkit app, we are here to fix that problem. There are several methods to enable the app. You may try them all to determine which works on your Android device.

First Method. Set your device into Airplane Mode for a minute and turn it off again. This allows you to restart your SIM card and enables you to reveal the SIM Toolkit app again.

Second Method. Remove your SIM card and reinsert it. A glitch in a SIM card may occur because it was not properly attached to the device.

Turn off the phone, remove and reinsert the SIM, and turn it on again. Assess the application settings again to find out if there is an improvement or none.

Third Method. Clear data on SIM Toolkit App. Go to phone settings then look for the application menu. Select SIM Toolkit. Look at the section below the screen and tap “Clear Data” followed by “Clear Cache”.

It permits removing unwanted data to prevent the app from bugging and to make it functional again.

How to disable SIM Toolkit on Android?

Blocking the SIM Toolkit on an Android device only takes a few taps on your screen. The procedure is the same as enabling the SIM Toolkit app.

Just start by opening the device settings. Read the menu for Applications. Scroll down until you see SIM Toolkit. Tap the “Force Stop” and wrap it up by tapping the “Disable” option.  


To sum up everything, SIM Toolkit on Android permits you to access details in your SIM card namely the device’s phone number, its network status, and roaming information are revealed.

Moreover, command guidelines of IMSI, Authentication Key, Contact numbers, Messages, PIN and PUK, and Temporary Information of the SIM are also accessible on your SIM Card. 

To use this app, we have already shown a step-by-step procedure on How to access SIM Toolkit on Android Devices.  All you need to do is grab your phone, fix those problems and put yourself at ease.

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