Most Talented Person In The World

By: Edon Lazaj

In the old times, you might have heard a lot about Newton, Leonardo Da Vinci, Galileo Galilei, or Elwa Edison, they are super talented people who created history. 

Nowadays, talented people create a lot of new technology that has changed people’s preferences. They use their mind-boggling IQ and are exceptionally talented to make a lot of new inventions. From Silicon Valley, a lot of intelligent and talented people are building their future together with the world’s future. 

Who are they? I will let you know right below, someone might know but some don’t. I will mention many people in different aspects and some with multi-talent. 

Tim Cook 

I am sure that everybody knows this Apple CEO. He is the soul of Apple, he is also a decision-maker. He revolutionized the way people use and see tech. 

He already made a manufacturing company as Apple became an extraordinarily profitable company as it is now. 

Jeff Bezos 

He is Amazon’s CEO and founder, he can see the future and he uses it to dominate markets before many people know that they exist. 

Firstly, we all know that Amazon is leading in bookselling, after that retail and the kindle already made for ebooks what the iPod makes for music. 

You might not know that the Kindle fire is now selling better than Android tablets with a big profit and Amazon price has almost become a religion in America. 

Peter Thiel

Have you ever heard about Paypal Cofounder? Who is he? Peter Thiel, he is also a Facebook investor. If you like reading books, you must know him, the best-selling author of “zero to one”. 

He owns more than 2.3 billion USD and he is one of the most revered investors in the tech industry. 

Now, he has sold most of his stock on Facebook after the IPO in 2012. He is still taking part in many projects in Silicon Valley. Significantly, his big data company named Palantir was valued at $20 million after he raised the $100 million funding in October. 

Travis Kalanick 

Travis is founder of the most famous transport facilitation company in the world, UBER. His company values around 50 million US dollars. Transporting services is one of the most valuable industries at this time. Uber provides not only uber eats and uber rush, food delivery services. 

Pete Cashmore 

Pete is very influential over the world, founder of Mashable. He has his channel to speak his point of view and he influences millions of people around the world. Now, you might ask what his talent is. You will be amazed by the ways he is convincing and his speaking ability. 

Marissa Mayer 

One and only woman I mention in my list. She is the 20th staff of Google and one of the most talented executives in Silicon Valley.  Being the youngest person on the google executive operating committee and also the youngest woman in the list of the most powerful women in Fortune magazine. 

Mayer is famous for her ability of creating, implementing and spotting. After years of managing and designing for many products of Google, he now is vice president of Google and is in charge of local, mobile, and contexture services. 

Sheryl Sandberg 

Talk about Facebook, you might think of Mark Zuckerberg, but no! Sandberg is the secret brain behind. She inspects all the business of the company including selling, marketing, business development, communications, human resources, and even public policy. 

Zuckerberg created Facebook but Sandberg has made it become a billion-dollar business company that is on the way to having billions of members. 

Final thoughts

People all have their unique talents and gifts. Doing what you love will be what you are talented at. And then you can be totally happy with your life. Always do what you love the most. 

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