A Secure Connection Could Not Be Established

Has your Android device been receiving any warnings about “Could not establish a secure connection”? This error commonly occurs due to the current Browser and Website that is visited.

It may seem alarming to other Android users, but don’t worry because solutions are readily available in this article. We had compiled the best solutions beneath to wipe out such technical problems.

A Secure Connection Could Not Be Established

If you cannot establish a secure connection for your Android phone, assess first the reasons behind it. Take a look at our list of samples for your reference before acting to solve the problem.

One of the main issues behind an unsecured connection is the opened Website. Incorrect browser applications, illegal Websites, and bogus Network settings will start a quarrel on the device’s system.

These may become the root of viruses and errors embedded in the device.

Secondly, Android or OS system Glitches could also be the culprit for an error notification of “Couldn’t establish a secure connection”. Overloading or lagged browsers may cause the device to temporarily stop.

An additional reason may have caused by a corrupted cache partition and cache from the browser used. Cache usually makes an application load in no time. However, if it catches bugs in the system, it immediately breaks down.

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Another thing, an untrusted third-party application could be dangerous. It might bear malicious codes that will trigger an error on your connection and even cause a system malfunction.

A Secure Connection Could Not Be Established

How to fix the “Couldn’t establish a secure connection” error on Android devices?

Android users commonly received error messages “Couldn’t establish a secure connection” due to many reasons. Despite that, there are solutions available for this issue. Continue reading the guide below for more details.

Note that terminologies of the settings may vary due to the Android device that has been used. However, the shown solutions are applicable for all.

Solution 1: Assess the Website

Assuming that the problem is related to the Website that is recently visited, the best option to do is exit the Website. Try opening it on other Android devices and observe if it is accessible unlike yours.

Now, if the Website is perfectly fine on other devices, consider other-related factors which are previously mentioned that might be causing this problem.

Solution 2: Reset the Device’s Network Settings

Resetting the network settings could be used to resolve the issue about “Couldn’t establish a secure connection”. 

Just go to the settings applications. Open its General Management menu. From there, you should tap the button for “Reset Network Settings”. After that, locate the “Reset Settings” from the screen.

The reset process will only take a few minutes, then you can use the device again.

Solution 3: Force the Browser App to Stop

In situations where the error is caused by a temporary glitch within the system of the browser, the quickest move you could do is simply restart the browser or force it to stop the browser.

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To stop a browser, open the device settings, then proceed to the “App” menu. Under the Applications screen, scroll down until you locate the defective browser.

Open the defective browser. Tap the “Force Stop” option to completely close the browser application. After that, reopen the browser and observe if the problem persists or not.

Solution 4: Clean the Cache Partition

Another solution to carry out is by clearing the cache partition of the device. Since cache files could get corrupted sometimes and results in bugging, it is best to clean them.

Start by turning off the device followed by pressing and holding the “Volume Up” button and “Power” button for about 10 seconds. As the green logo of the Android bot appears, release your fingers from the keys.

Utilize the “Volume Down” key to scroll and use the “Power” key to select the option “Wipe Cache Portion”. Subsequently, select “Yes” to proceed in cleaning the cache.  

When the process gets completed, highlight the “Reboot System” to restart the device. Lastly, scan your device if the error has disappeared.

Solution 5: Clear the Cache from the Browser App

Visit the device Settings and look for the “App” option. Open it and tap the three-dotted icon on the upper right corner of the screen. Select the “Show System Apps”.

Scan the screen until you find the recent browser that you used. On the screen, you could see the “Storage” menu. Open it and tap the “Clear Cache” button.

In addition, you can use the method of tapping “Clear Data” to reset your browser into default settings. After everything else, restart the device and use the browser again.

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That is the entirety of our article regarding the issues on the error “Could not establish a secure connection”. Explore those five solutions until you achieve your goal.

Overall, we hope that you have read all commendations presented to address your technical problems and share the information with other people.

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