Mobile Network State Disconnected [4 Easy Steps]

By: Edon Lazaj

In case you are a Straight Talk user, you must have faced with mobile network state disconnected error because this problem is very common among Straight Talk users. There are many reasons caused this error but the consequence is the same that it blocks the internet connection via mobile data. In this article, we will get what is mean of mobile network state disconnected and the ways to fix it.

What is the mobile network state disconnected mean?

Mobile network state disconnected is a quite common error that many users have with Straight Talk. You might have faced a mobile network state disconnected error if the device is on poor network reception or you attempt to connect to a wifi network. When you try to connect to the internet, you will see a piece of information that “Mobile network state disconnected”.

What causes the mobile network state disconnected?


mobile network state disconnected straight talk


The issue is popular for users of Straight Talk, and they are confused without any solution. Popularly, poor signal or reception or you have SIM card configuration error is common reason cause this problem.

We will share the reason cause this the mobile network state disconnected error with Straight Talk:

Old or Unsupported phone: If you have an old phone and its hardware or software is not updated for a long time. It could be the reason that causes the mobile network state disconnection error.

Especially, some modern SIM cards could work with TE/VoLTE phones only.

SIM Card conflict: Sometimes, the SIM card is the main reason for the problem, improper insertion of SIM card could cause this error.

You don’t activate by right way or there is no proper transaction with SIM card to SIM card slot.

Poor Reception: Wifi connection isn’t good or cellular reaction could be the reason as the mobile phone can’t connect the Internet.

APN or Network configuration: The mobile network state disconnected error on Straight Talk might be caused by using the Internet on mobile data and the APN on your phone is not configured exactly. Besides, one reason that causes this error is improper wifi router configuration.

How to fix the Mobile network state disconnected?

Mobile Network State Disconnected

Method 1: Change Mobile Network mode(3G/4G)

In case you select an improper network that might be caused network state disconnection error on Straight Talk. If you have a card with a 4G/LTE configuration, it’s easy to understand that it does not work rightly on a 3G network. You can select the network by opening the setting on your device, after that click on the Network Mode, then choose the proper option and try to connect the mobile Internet data.

Besides, in some cases, the mobile network can be changed by itself from 4G to 3G. To solve this problem, you could try changing the mobile network from 4G to 3G and conversely.

Method 2: Reset Network (Straight Talk)

Resetting network settings is also one method that resolves the network error on your device with Straight Talk. In case you are having proper reception and still can’t use the internet on your device. To solve this issue, you should reset the network settings to default, this also comes to be a live saver for wireless connection.

To reset the network settings, you go to Settings on your phone, here you scroll down to navigate the General option and choose general, then to open reset settings you tap on reset, after that, you tap on reset network and finally exit the process and restart your mobile to check if the issue is resolved.

Method 3: Deactivate The WIFI Connection

To make sure whether the internet is working on your device, you can deactivate or turn off the wifi connection with your mobile and check whether your phone can connect to the internet by using the mobile data and there is no mobile network state disconnected error.

To deactivate the WIFI Connection on your mobile, you go to Settings, choose Wireless and Network Settings, then disable the airplane mode, here you turn off the wifi connection, after that scroll down and tap to the Network Mode and ensure the mobile data is enabled, then enable the Data roaming and finally choose “Always on” Mobile Data.

Almost all mobile phones are configured to lock the mobile data connection once connected to a wifi network. We don’t need to know whether the wifi network has an internet connection, the device will still depend on a wifi connection for internet access.

It means you can access the internet using mobile data internet by turning off the wifi connection.

Method 4: Reset The APN Settings

An incorrect APN(access point Name) can be the reason cause the error ‘mobile network state disconnected’ when you are connecting the internet on the device using mobile data. To reset APN settings, you go to Settings on your mobile and then go over the Connections tab, here you open Mobile Networks settings, then you tap on access point Names to open, you toggle the menu by tapping three horizontal dots on the corner, finally tap on reset to default to reset the APN settings.

The best way is to delete the current APN settings and replace them with the default APN.

Removing and re-inserting the SIM card that all you need to do to take a default APN. In case, you don’t get the APN message, you can take it by calling the network carrier.


If you are a Straight Talk user with a “Mobile Network State Disconnected” error, this article is useful to solve your problem. You can easy to determine your mobile’s problem and follow one by one method.

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