How To Root Alcatel OneTouch Fierce 2?

By: Edon Lazaj

Rooting has a lot of edges for the device like it helps to enhance the execution of a certain mobile phone.

 It changes your phone’s response to a definite command, which is why rooting mobile devices is a hot topic wherever place in the world. 

For your information, there are a lot of ways on how to root a device, even only with the use of mobile, with a computer, or just by using an app. 

Congratulations, you have come to the right site on How To Root Alcatel OneTouch Fierce 2.

How to root Alcatel OneTouch Fierce 2 without PC?

How To Root Alcatel OneTouch Fierce 2

First and foremost, you must download a Kingroot app on your mobile device from the site, and once it is done you can press the app for installation.

 Permission will be asked before you install the app as it requires it because you are installing a custom app.

 If the message will show up accompanied with a line “INSTALL BLOCKED” just carefully go to the Settings and press the “Unknown sources”. 

After doing that, the installation of the app will begin. If the app is installed, open it, and if the “ONE CLICK ROOT” button is present, tap it on. 

You just have to wait a little bit and give time for the process, and after the process is finished, your device will be rooted. 

Now the other process that you will be waiting for is the rooting process. Be patient while it is rooting as there is a chance it will take up to 30 minutes to root and ensure that your internet connection is stable for it not to start again during rooting.

 If the rooting is done, you will see a green circle with a big check sign accompanied with a line “Root Successfully”.

How to Root Alcatel  OneTouch Fierce 2 with Computer?

How to Root Alcatel  OneTouch Fierce 2 with Computer

You can tell that the preparation before rooting with a PC is just the same without a PC and the only thing that has been added is a USB cable.

 You are required to have a USB cable, and it’s better if you’re using the original one. First, ensure that the battery of your Alcatel One Touch Fierce 2 is well charged up to 70%.

 After checking your battery, go to your pc and browse software for Android Rooting. After you downloaded it, you can launch the Alcatel One Touch Fierce Android rooting software by double-clicking the desktop icon.

 After it opens, you can see the interface displaying that your phone is not connected. Then, via USB cable, connect your respective Alcatel One Touch Fierce to the computer.

 If this is your first time connecting Alcatel One Touch Fierce to your computer you have to wait until the USB drivers will be installed before the software of Alcatel One Touch Fierce will detect the phone.

 Subsequently, you have to enable the USB debugging mode on your Alcatel One Touch Fierce, but if you have done this before, you can move on because you don’t have to do it once more.

 If not, carefully follow what is being instructed on the software interface according to the version of your Android. 

However, you have to double-check the notifications and be aware before proceeding to root. And if you’re ready, for the rooting process to start click “Root”.

 You have to be patient because it can take up to 3 to 5 minutes for the rooting process to be completed.

 While the phone is in its process of rooting, don’t attempt to touch, move, or unplug the USB cable to avoid interruptions. 

There you go, the rooting of your Alcatel One Touch Fierce is successfully done. For changes to be completely implemented you must click finish to reboot. 

Again, do not touch, only if it finishes rebooting. Finally, you can confirm if your device is completely rooted by finding the mark SuperSU icon.

How to Root Alcatel OneTouch Fierce 2 Using Kingo Root?

Kingo Root is a prominent rooting method that can root most Android devices, and in terms of being safe, it is not behind.

 If the method mentioned above doesn’t work with your mobile phone, then is probably the best option you have. 

You can visit APK Root for Android on your mobile by visiting and download the file on your Fierce 2. 

After that, install KingoRoot.apk on your mobile phone, and if you didn’t check the Unknown Resources that can be found in Settings to Security, then during the process of installation, you will get a message that it blocked the installation. 

Follow what was being instructed by the phone and install Kingo Root on your device by allowing installs from “Unknown sources”. 

Next, launch the “King Root” app and tap “One Click Root” for the rooting process to be started. Finally, you just have to wait for a few seconds until you’ll get a result.

 If you’ve done it successfully it will leave a message “ROOT SUCCEEDED”.


Now, you have successfully done it and obtained basic knowledge on how to root Alcatel One Touch Fierce 2.

 However, here’s a friendly reminder, you must take note that some Alcatel device is locked for manufacture protection purposes which means the protection will be the reason the KingoRoot root will fail. 

As of now, methods are not available for those who have protection locks from the manufacture. Hopefully, this article helps you how to Root Alcatel One Touch Fierce 2.

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