“SECURE CHECK FAIL: recovery” Samsung Galaxy S7

By: Edon Lazaj

Looking for the stock firmware for devices like Samsung galaxy is not that hard, and flashing them to the devices is really easy or even lighter.

If you are a smartphone fanatic, sometimes it will happen that you encounter situations that the only option you have left is by restoring your device by flashing the stock firmware.

If you are once a Samsung device user and experienced flashing the official firmware, CF-Root, or a recovery.

Download or Odin mode for installing the firmware, firmware components, kernels, or custom recoveries using Odin, all that can be found in all Samsung Devices. 

If you follow all the requirements and preparations before you flash the ware using Odin, things will go smoothly all the time and the chances of being successful are high. 

However, there are many cases where even the instructions will make you wrong and get FAIL.

 The one that defines the allocation of available storage space to system partitions is the one that Android devices use is the EXT4. 

Reading this article might give you chance for the “Secure Check Fail: Recovery Samsung Galaxy S7” Issue.

Error: Secure Check Fail

One of the reasons it fails is that the ROM you downloaded is corrupt. By comparing its md5 signature to the one on the server, in that way, you can test to see if a file is being corrupted. 

Asking the ROM uploader if they can help is also a good move. If not, the reason may be is that the boot loader is irreconcilable with your phone.

Putting ROMs that were pulled from other Samsung Phones into ODIN and thinking that it will work luckily is a wrong idea. 

If your download is complete and you are sure that it is done, remove .md5 by remaining it. After doing it, try to flash for it not to calculate the checksum again. 

Another solution is if you can still get into a recovery module like other’s cases, then using a micro-SD card to flash a custom ROM onto the device can be done. 

The last solution that can be suggested is to try to locate your Settings and enter into it then deactivate “Reactivation Lock Security”.

Reactivation lock can be the main reason and cause of the problem because a lot of users had reported that they have succeeded after disabling it.

“SECURE CHECK FAIL: recovery” Samsung Galaxy S7

Error showing on screen: “SW REV CHECK FAIL” 

These errors designate that the phone isn’t able to use the ROM being provided through Samsung’s ODIN loader because the ROM cannot be recognized or is a version that’s only suitable to where it originally installed from.

If you have done flashing a ROM or stock firmware before that e.g Android 4.4.2(KitKat), going back to an earlier version is already impossible (such as Android 4.4.2). 

The only thing or solution that can be done is to find and download the recent or latest original stock Firmware/ROM for the current version of your phone.

Error: Nand Write Start Fail

This error exists in Odin because of a bad or corrupted Samsung Nand file system. One of the reasons it occurs is sometimes when a .tar firmware file that is highly compressed is being used by the user, Odin has a high chance of timing out when decompressing and writing the firmware in the phone Nand Section.

The first solution that can be applied is to download new Odin tar firmware in zip format and try to flash your Samsung once again. 

The second solution that can be applied is to try to flash the firmware with the proper PIT firmware file in Odin. Get a PIT file and a firmware .md5 file and flash both of them simultaneously within Odin. 

The third solution has a deal and it is if you can still access your phone. Firstly, go to Settings then Developer options. 

After that, allow USB debugging and Uncheck the “Verify apps via USB” box, and try to flash with Odin again. 

The fourth solution is if your phone is bricked and you can’t access it, you just have to extract and modify your correct firmware tar file. 

For it to be done, download the Cygwin for windows, 7zip, Odin3 1.3v, and Device correct pit file. Just extract all files on tar to Cygwin home folder and open Cygwin and cd home. 

After that, tar your files in this order: slb or blm on your bin file > boot > Modem > Cache > System > recovery > others. 

Then Tar command by tar -c slb.bin modem.img cache.img system.img xxx.img xxxi.mg xxxxx.img>> repair.tar and enter. 

This time you just have to wait to finish. Now Odin starts repartition, updates the bootloader, reset, autostart, and pit. Finally, Pda your repair tar, then flash it.


Hopefully, you addressed your problem about “Secure Check Fail: Recovery Samsung Galaxy S7” and enjoyed everything.

If the solutions above didn’t work, then there is a high chance that you are dealing with a hardware problem with your phone. 

If your phone eMMC chip is broken then Odin can’t execute the flash procedure. You have to take it to a repair center or engineer that is qualified.

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