How To Fix Windows 10 Login Screen Loop Problem

By: Edon Lazaj

Most of the common issues Windows 10 users encounter is having a login screen loop. 

When the time the login screen shows up and asks the user to input login information, then after pressing the enter, it will take you back to the same login screen, again and again, it means you are experiencing a Windows 10 Login Screen Loop issue.

What are the causes for Windows 10 Login Screen Loop? 

The number one reason for this is having a newly installed Windows Update. Some of the users are aware that Microsoft releases new updates to keep the OS modern. 

However, some instances installing Windows 10 don’t get installed properly, or dissension in any third-party application causes it to loop. 

One of many reasons also would be third-party updated device drivers or applications that are installed recently. 

Another reason for looping is connected peripheral devices which are not suitable for the newer version of Windows 10 after the Windows update, and that merges up with the earlier running OS. 

The last reason is if you tend to upgrade the old version of Windows to Windows 10 or the user upgrades to the recent build of Windows 10 just by using the option instructed by Windows 10 installer, it migrates all drivers, applications, files, and many more. 

But, if an application is not suitable for Windows 10, it will start complaining and will not respond, and may even show login screen error, graphics error, and the problem with regards to registry and policies.

How To Fix Windows 10 Login Screen Loop Problem

How do you fix the Windows 10 installation loop problem?

Now you have a little bit of understanding of what is happening and why you are experiencing the Windows 10 login screen loop.  

Turning off or restarting your computer is the first thing to do. You must press F12 to traverse to Advance Troubleshooting Wizard while the computer is in the process of restarting or starting.

After that, select Safe Mode and try to login into the computer. After being logged in Safe Mode, restart your computer again and login back in in a usual way, and evaluate. 

Here’s the explanation of what you are doing. You are trying to boot the computer in safe mode, then logging and restarting It back in a usual way. 

Though it makes no sense for you, what really the occurrence is the computer is updating. And when the computer boots up for the first time it immediately checks for all the file that is dependent in the registry or application then starts. 

The startup files don’t load thus causes such problems if these kinds of issues occur. But by restarting the computer in safe mode and completing the login process, the startup file used by Windows gets refresh and loads without any interruptions on its boot next time.

How do you get rid of the login screen loop error?

There are a lot of solutions to get rid of this login screen loop error. First and foremost try restarting your computer in the advanced troubleshooting option by pressing F12 while the computer is starting. 

Also, while pressing on the restart button you can hold “SHIFT”, it can also do the work. 

Next is boot the computer in Safe mode in the company of networking by going to Troubleshoot, then advanced option, then start up settings, then safe mode with networking. 

After doing it all, type “device manager” on the search bar located at the bottom left-hand corner to navigate to device manager. 

Find a device manager that has or with a yellow triangle, then right-click and try to update the driver.

Try disconnecting after shutting down the computer if it is an externally connected device. Lastly, rebooting the computer in the normal mode will do and evaluate how it works.

The summary of this solution is you are just trying to run the computer in safe mode with networking, logging into device manager, and let the drivers be updated.


Hopefully, this article helps you with the Windows 10 Login Screen Loop issue. Reboot loops are an old problem of Windows.

However, thankfully, Windows 10 offers numerous solutions like great recovery and restore tools to make a boot loop problem be handled easily. 

You have to take precautions if you have successfully fixed the issue of your computer, which has the OS of Windows 10.

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