How to Inspect Element on Android without a Computer?

By: Edon Lazaj

People who are fond of exploring the internet would know how to inspect an element. In launching the Inspect Element panel, it displays the codes formulated to create a website. The building blocks of coding include JavaScript, HTML, CSS, etc.

However, some users do not know How to inspect elements on Android without a computer. There are several methods to inspect an element if you have no computer. And this article reveals information that you can use on an Android phone. For more details by team, continue reading below and learn more.

What is Inspect Element?

Inspect Element is basically the internal composition of a Website. It contains the source codes, images, CSS, design, iconic symbols, fonts, scripts of codes, and other innards to power up a Website or Webpage.

By the use of inspecting elements, you will have the capacity to recreate and modify the appearance of a specific website directly from your computer and even through a phone.

To add up, this also serves as an inspiration for aspiring web designers for they have access to various codes. They can have the freedom to see the techniques of other creators on how they animate and make their website good-looking.

How to inspect elements on Android without a computer?

How to inspect elements on Android without a computer
Inspecting an element on an Android phone without a computer. The first thing to do is download the Inspect and Edit HTML Live application from the Google Play Store.

Apart from that, you can have other preferred apps to help you to access and edit the various webpage and inspect their elements without a hassle. When it is done installing, open the app. Look at the address bar where you can enter the webpage link that needs to be inspected.

A hand-point symbol is noticeable on the top right corner of the screen. Proceed to click that icon and select below the element that you wanted to inspect. Now, as you can observe on the screen, the source code of the website is presented.

From there, you can already alter the codes based on your preference and press the upload icon above the top-right corner to save changes. However, there are instances where the changes are not directly applied through the application.

You may have to copy the code from the webpage itself and change it to another location.

How to inspect a Webpage element via Android browser?

How to inspect a Webpage element via Android browser
Another technique to inspect a Webpage element without using an application is by using an Android browser. Almost all Android devices have an automatically installed browser like Google Chrome. Simply open the browser and search for the desired webpage to inspect.

In typing for the name of the webpage, add first the code “view-source:” followed by the link. Press enter and wait for the source codes to appear on your screen. You may begin to edit the code that needs to be changed.

Yet, if you are browsing from a personal computer, it is easy to right-click the screen of the webpage and choose to inspect. Or press Ctrl + Shift + I simultaneously from the keyboard.

What is the benefit of inspecting the element?

If you are able to inspect the element, it gives the privilege of modifying the website. Other than that, it educates and inspires computer engineers, gadget enthusiasts, or other curious people. Because in inspecting elements you can access and learn different web designs.

In addition, it allows you to comprehend the purpose of other important codes. And above else, you can have the opportunity to create your website.

Even though the skill of some individuals are only used for a joke, they should start to appreciate their capability to access these codes and use them for greater function.


The discussion about How to inspect elements on Android without a computer ends here. You may have found different ways to inspect elements. Either choose an application or make use of any available browser on the Android device.

As you can see it only takes a few clicks to analyze and change the codes. Once you familiarize the steps above, inspecting elements without a computer won’t be inconvenient anymore.

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