4K Option Not Showing on YouTube

YouTube is one of the most viewed applications of all. We knew its main purpose is to present uploaded videos. However, some viewers want to see a higher quality resolution. Hence, some issues concern that 4K Option Not Showing on YouTube.

The discussed items in this article answer the queries of viewers about enabling the 4K option. Digitalne.tv goal is to provide entertainment, better, and clear experience while watching YouTube.

Why is 4k not showing on YouTube?

Have you noticed that some videos on YouTube do not show a 4K resolution? Well, there might be things to consider first in understanding why these situations occur. Here are several reasons why 4K is not showing while watching YouTube videos.

Any device, computers, or other gadgets that support a 4K resolution could only allow you to have a clearer screen display. Similar to the used app or browser, these could affect the quality because the design of other browsers does not support or struggle in playing large and high-quality video.

Hence, making it blurry and pixilated sometimes. Another scenario is when the power-saving mode on Android phones is turned on, it prevents the applications from playing videos to its highest quality display. Moreover, on YouTube, the content creator is also one to blame for that problem.

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Either they upload a low-quality video or they set it to 1,080P or 1440P quality video, there will be no greater option than that.

How to enable 4K resolution option on YouTube?

How to enable 4K resolution option on YouTube
You already identified the reasons why the 4K option does not show on YouTube, hence this part will reveal how to enable it. On contrary to those reasons mentioned, all you have to do is fix them. The first thing is to perform an assessment.

Assess if your phone supports a 4K resolution. You are aware that only a few models of Android phones have that feature. The second option, if the 4K resolution is valid on your device, but still it did not show up. Try visiting the phone settings.

Disable the power-saving mode for this prevents the device from displaying a high-quality video. The third option, use a browser that can play 4K videos and Google Chrome is a commendation.

Lastly, find and download an app that could change the system property and modify the display resolution of a video. But with this method, you must root the access on your Android phone.

How do I enable 4K on YouTube with Android phone?

How do I enable 4K on YouTube with Android phone
Enabling the 4K quality on YouTube starts by opening the application. Select a video, click the triple-dot option on the upper right corner of the screen. You can see the submenu to adjust several features of the video. Just go to the quality settings then select the 2160p (4K) HDR option.

Android users are well aware that the higher the quality demand for a video, the device will also adjust to compensate for the needs.

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And in effect, the Android phone will consume more battery energy and internet data. Note also that the upgrade for 4K quality video only applies on a few Android phones depending on its specs.

Do iPhone have 4k display?

Apple Company has only 4K support on Apple TV. Unfortunately, iPhones and iPads do not have this feature, but they can still display a high-quality video of more than 1080p, unlike other phones. Activating 4K resolution on YouTube with iPhone follows the same process on Android.

Simply open the app and play a random video. Then look onto the three-dot icon at the top right corner of the screen. Open the quality setting and select from whichever is available. However, the highest quality is from 4K or 2160p.

How to watch 4K videos on YouTube with Google TV?

Watching a 4K resolution video on YouTube through television, you need to do the following. Connect the TV onto the internet. Make sure to have at least 40 Mbps speed to run an application.

Although you can choose a wired or wireless internet, it is recommended to have a wired one because it is much faster to connect. And especially you are going to watch high-capacity videos that require strong data. After setting up both TV and internet, select the YouTube application.

Search for 4K videos and it will show videos with high-quality shots. Now, to set the YouTube video quality, grab the TV remote, and press the Enter button. Move the arrow using the remote and go to the More option and click the three-dot icon.

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By then you shall see the different video quality options from 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p, and 2160p. Click the 2160p or the 4K HD quality.


And that is all the about 4K Option Not Showing on YouTube. Although the final judgment to follow our article is in your hands. We sincerely hope you gained some useful tips and tricks to activate and use that option and at least improve the resolution display of your favorite YouTube video.

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