Why Don’t GIFs Work on my Android?

By: Edon Lazaj

We know that emojis and stickers are not the only things that make us laugh when we received a message from our social media accounts. Graphical Interchange Format (GIF) has come to a trend since then.

Yet, there are issues on why GIF does not work on Android? Some GIF apps are crashing and GIFs do not move anymore, but this does not stop people from using them for posting and messaging purposes.

Nevertheless, there is no need to worry because Digitalne.tv presents reasons and solutions to fix that issues. Go further and read all information below to keep your GIFs moving!

What is GIF?

A Graphical Interchange Format or GIF is made by Steve Wilhite in 1987. It is an animation of images that are presented in a small size of the file.

Generally, GIF works as a 2 to a 5-second loop of muted videos that does not require tapping to play.

People become fond of making use of it as a tool for entertainment and highlight opportunities for business.

GIF is featured on different messaging apps and social media like Facebook, Twitter, Messenger, Tumblr, Buzzfeed, Reddit, and more.

Why GIFs does not work on my Android?

Why GIFs does not work on my Android
Android devices can view and send emojis, stickers, and especially GIFs. But sometimes, it becomes sluggish and does not move very often.

Since Android devices have various models built in different years, an update is always necessary. Older units of Android phones are not programmed to support a Graphical Interchange Format (GIF).

Occasionally, you can go to the phone settings and update your phone. It is important to keep the phone updated on the new encoded programs set for the device.

On the other hand, GIF that does not work on Android may be due to the app that you are using. You should consider a messaging app that supports or an app that generates GIFs.

Why does my GIF do not move?

Technically, there are instances where several Graphical Interchange Format (GIF) will not move. It is for this reason that not all GIFs are generated to be an animation.

Other GIFs are meant to be reviewed first before you can appreciate its animated photos. When using a web page with a lot of GIF display, it requires to be downloaded or else it will remain like a photo.

How to use GIF on Android keyboard?

How to use GIF on Android keyboard
If you are commonly using your phone, maybe it is simple for you to locate the GIF on the keyboard. To use some GIF, just follow these steps.

Open any messaging app you have like messenger, Instagram messaging, etc., and create a message. As you can observe on the keyboard display, there is an icon for GIF on the keyboard.

If nothing will appear, try tapping the “smiley” icon beside the composed text. Tap the GIF icon which is commonly displayed beside the sticker icon. After that, you can select or search for your preferred GIF design.

Another method to use a GIF on the Android keyboard is by using a third-party application. There are many generated application which allows manipulating your keyboard into an entertaining way.

The Google Keyboard or Gboard is one of the many popular apps to release a GIF. Visit Google Play Store and install any third-party app of your choice. Launch the app to activate it in all your messaging app.

Finally, you can compose a message and add your favorite GIF before sending it to someone. Also, you can browse any GIF from its search bar and type the keyword only.

How to fix Gboard GIFs on Android?

Here are possible ways to fix Gboard to get the GIF back on Android phones. You can either choose from restarting the device, clearing all data from Gboard, or update the Gboard application.

Gboard may have only lagged for a short period and restarting the device might help to refresh the app.

Even though it is not the How to fix Gboard GIFs on Androidfinest approach to perform especially when having multiple experiences with damaged GIF boards.

Another method is to clear the Gboard Cache. While using the app, it had recorded texts and other data saved into the cache.

Better to clear it up to free the storage so it will load faster and become functional again.

Just head to device settings and open the list of apps. Scroll down or directly search for Gboard. Tap the Storage menu, then tap “Clear Data” followed by “Clear Cache”.

Last, but not least way to fix the Gboard is to update it. Application updates are important to maintain the app’s job. Most importantly it removes viruses and prevents malfunctions on the app.

Visit the Google Play Store and see if Gboard is on the list of apps that needs to be updated. Simply tap the update and wait for it to finish, then use the app again and test if problems still exist or not anymore.


Sooner or later, you will find what solution best suits you to apply on your Android phone. Just refer above to the means and ways to answer the question “why GIF does not work on Android?”.

Although we have shown different strategies to manipulate your keyboard to show the GIFs, the decision is yours to be made. After all, with today’s technological advancement, your problem is easy to fix!

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