How to Exit Big Picture Mode?

By: Edon Lazaj

If you love playing video games, you should probably start learning about Steam. Steam is launched in 2003 by Valve, which has become the biggest platform in the global industry of computer gaming.

Due to people’s needs and demands, there has been a lot of innovations created. However, other features may be good or bad in different situations.

Hence, discusses and suggests information about Steam and how to exit Big Picture mode for you to grasp the best experience while playing.

What is Big Picture mode?

Steam is a gaming software that is a common destination for interaction, playing, and generating games. Since Steam has grown its capacity to serve gamers, it created a new feature called Big Picture mode.

It is practically designed for wide-screen televisions or game consoles. This mode displays a full-screen vision for a clearer and readable outlook of menus, buttons, and other game information.

Plus, it allows you to get a comfortable experience while having a huge interactive view while streaming online.

What types of platforms does Big Picture mode support?

Big Picture mode is not available in all operating systems. As of now, the Big Picture beta update is only available on computers that run in Windows Vista, Windows 7, or 8.

Although, it requires a DirectWrite which is directly installed to Windows 7, Windows Vista via SP2, and other Vista system update.
What types of platforms does Big Picture mode support
On the other side of Mac devices, the Big Picture mode on steam applies on Mac OS X 10.6. The same goes for the Windows system, Mac also requires a third-party drier to activate the Xbox controller.

How do I turn on Big Picture mode on steam?

Activating Big Picture mode starts by opening the Steam sever on your device or computer.

Then log in to your Steam account. Observe the screen, click on the top right corner menu on the Steam client. And choose the “Big Picture” beta option that is newly featured on Steam.

Another method is to easily access the Home button through the controller to activate big picture mode while interacting as a Steam client.

How to exit big picture mode on steam?

To exit the Big Picture mode on Steam, make use of the controller buttons. Press the button “A” of the controller. Simultaneously, focus on the “Exit” button located at the upper right corner of the screen.

An alternative and quick way to go in and out of the Big Picture mode is to press ALT + Enter on the keyboard.

Is a game controller needed in Big Picture mode?

Technically, playing through Steam needs a pair of keyboards and a mouse. While activating the Big Picture mode, you can still use the keyboard and mouse.

If you are a bit fancy, a game controller is recommended for greater entertainment.

Just ensure to purchase a controller that is supported by Big Picture beta. Take the Xbox 360 Wired Controller, and the Logitech Wireless Gamepad F710, and the Xbox 360 Wireless Controller for Windows as an example.

How to run Steam without Big Picture mode?

Big Picture mode is beneficial especially when you are connected to a big television and computer. However, there are times that this mode is inconvenient.

To start your Steam link without automatically activating the big picture mode follow these simple steps.
Go to the Steam link settings. Proceed to stream then open the Advanced Settings.

From there you will notice the menu to stream while the desktop is activated. Enabling that consents you to stream without the Big Picture mode.

What games are allowed while in Big Picture mode?

Any form of games in the Steam library is allowed while activating the Big Picture mode. Although there are games that are sensitively particular with the controller, you are not allowed to play them.

As long as the kind of game supports the controller’s functions you can play while in Big Picture mode.

To categorize the list of games that support the available controller, you may visit the Steam store and look according to your preference.


To conclude the discussion on how to exit Big Picture mode, it only takes several minutes to deactivate it, just follow the instructions mentioned above.

By reading also the whole article gives you answers to other several questions related to Steam’s new feature of Big Picture mode.

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