5 letter words ending in ain

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Looking for a fun word game to play? Check out Wordle, a great tool for finding 5 letters words that end in ain. It’s perfect for sharpening your vocabulary skills and having some fun at the same time. Just enter any five letter word and see how many words you can come up with that end in ain. You might be surprised at how many possibilities there are! So give it a try and have some fun today.

Matching words for five letter words ending in ain:

  • again
  • amain
  • blain
  • brain
  • chain
  • drain
  • elain
  • grain
  • plain
  • slain
  • spain
  • stain
  • swain
  • train
  • twain
5 letter words ending in ain
5 letter words ending in ain

List of 5 letter words ending in ain

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3 letter words that end with ain:

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4 letter words that end with ain:

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6 letter words that end with ain:

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7 letter words that end with ain:

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Meaning of the list 5 letter:

1. again (adv): another time; repeated

Example: She decided one day, “Tomorrow I will tell Felipe,” but she never did. But when tomorrow arrived, she was overcome with anxiety and decided to postpone it once again.


2. amain (adv): hand over fist

Example: The combat then reached a desperate state because both sides continued to fire in amain despite the fact that we were able to withstand their force.


3. blain (noun): blister

Example: A fluid-filled vesicle known as the blain may be found in the second joint of the wing. This joint is positioned in the middle of the wing.

4. brain (noun): very smart person

Example: Her brain was so large, they had to remove it through her mouth.
5. chain (noun): succession, series

Example: The chain is rusty and needs to be replaced.
6. drain (noun): a conduit via which liquid flows

Example: I had to use the drain cleaner to clear the clogged sink.

7. elain (noun): a female given name

Example: I love Elain because she is so beautiful.

8. grain (noun): seed, piece

Example: Wheat is a type of grain that is often used to make bread.

9. plain (adj): clear, obvious

Example: I like to keep my outfits pretty plain – just a t-shirt and jeans.

10. slain (adj): slaughtered

Example: His slain foes lay at his feet.

11. spain (noun): a nation in western Europe.

Example: Spain is a beautiful country.

12. stain (noun): spot of dirt, blot, bar

Example: Remove the stain off my clothing, please.

13. swain (noun): beau

Example: He turned to the foot-swain who stood by his side: “Please bring me five horse-whips,” King Valdemar commanded.

14. train (noun): series

Example: As with any other climate-related shift, it is too late to stop the warming train that is already in motion.

15. twain (adj): both

Example: The Twain brothers were famous authors.

Conclusion paragraph

The five letter words ending in ain provide a snapshot of the game Wordle. This word game is all about creating as many different words as possible from a given set of letters. The more complex and varied the words, the more points you score. While this may seem like a simple pastime, it can actually be quite challenging to come up with interesting and uncommon words. By exploring these five letter words, we can see just how creative players have to be to rack up points in Wordle.

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