5 letter words ending in ret

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Have you ever played the word game, Wordle? It’s a lot of fun! In Wordle, you are given a list of letters and you have to make as many words as possible using those letters. Today, we’re going to focus on 5 letter words that ending in ret. These five-letter words can be a lot of fun to play with and can help you score some points in your next game of Wordle! So without further ado, let’s get started!

Matching words for five letter words ending in ret:

  • adret
  • arret
  • beret
  • buret
  • caret
  • curet
  • egret
  • mpret
5 letter words ending in ret

5 letter words ending in ret

List of five-letter words that end in ret:

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3 letter words that end with ret:

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4 letter words that end with ret:

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6 letter words that end with ret:

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7 letter words that end with ret:

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Meaning of the list 5 letter:

1. adret (noun): a mountainside that faces the sun

2. arret (noun): a judgment, decision, or decree of a court or sovereign.
3. beret (noun): cap

Example: Berets are a type of hat, frequently made with wool or cashmere.
4. buret (noun): a glass tube with a tap at one end, typically used to deliver known volumes of liquid during titrations.

Example: I need to use a buret to measure the volume of this solution.
5. caret (noun): reference mark

Example: The caret is a symbol used in mathematics and computer programming. It is used to indicate a position in a text or code.

6. curet (noun): A curet is a surgical instrument that has a scoop, ring or loop at the tip. It’s used to scrape away damaged tissue from bones.

Example: I used a curet to remove the tumor from my patient’s brain.

7. egret (noun): The large white bird with long legs is a type of heron.

Example: I saw an egret on my walk this morning.
8. mpret (niun): a ruler or monarch

Example: The mpret is an imaginary creature that lives in the clouds.

Conclusion paragraph

The words that end in ret are all interesting, powerful words. They are words that can help you win at Scrabble or Words with Friends. They also have the power to drive your business success. By using these five letter powerhouse words in your marketing and branding, you can create a message that is both memorable and effective.

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