Toyota Android Auto Hack

By: Edon Lazaj

Toyota is upgrading their auto models with an Android Auto display screen. This does not only provide creative and extraordinary experience, thus entertains you while driving and as a passenger.

When it comes to technology, the more advanced feature, the more hackers will grab the opportunity to study and steal the system. And so, team will show various information to identify indicators and ways to avoid Toyota Android Auto Hack.

What is Android Auto?

Android Auto is an advanced mobile application that mirrors the function of Android devices to your car. It is made by Google Company with various features and allows you to have a big screen and wide view of touch buttons which is convenient while driving.

By using Google Maps to your Android Auto, keeps you on track without unfolding a printed map while traveling. Also, supported with Google Assistant you can directly call anyone or pick a favorite song without looking down at your screen. Simply encode an access word like “Hey Google”, and say it when you needed help.

Technically, the Android Auto app only works when a phone is connected to the auto screen. There are devices with an automatically installed Android Auto app feature. Then, get a USB cable and connect it to your car to get started. If none, download the Android Auto application from Google Store, but not all Android brands has this idea.

How much does Android Auto cost?

How much does Android Auto cost
To install an Android Auto on your Smartphone device needs a data allowance. Although this app is automatically available on some phones, other users have to download it manually from Google Play Store. Connecting the device into your car is only free since you only need a phone cord.

The amount of consumed data will depend on how you will use the application. When frequently going out, people usually rely on their data connection especially for navigating places or streaming some music. Therefore, you must pay for a subscription to keep the internet connection working.

How to connect an Android Auto?

Connecting your device to the Android Auto is an easy process. Firstly, you must perform the setup before moving the car or else it will not work. Then open up the Android Auto app from your phone. Plug the phone with a USB cord into the Android Auto screen.

Perhaps the most used feature on this app is Google Maps. It shows informative navigation to your car. Choose the desired location and through this app, it will guide you with an exact road to pass. Automated voice command is also applicable. Just press the microphone logo and enunciate ‘Navigate’ to reveal the location.

It goes the same as calling your gals which is easier and convenient while driving. Moreover, you can connect another Bluetooth device or ear peace to answer calls without holding your phone. Another service offered by Android Auto is to select the best music streaming of your choice. Choose from either Google Play, Spotify, or Amazon…

How can someone hack the Toyota Android Auto?

How can someone hack the Toyota Android Auto
Anyone can hack and be hacked nowadays. It is easy for computer geniuses to hack a Toyota Android Auto. They may have different techniques, but the most common is emailing you with random messages. The attachment will contain an encrypted virus programmed to destroy the system once it was opened.

Aside from sending messages, another trick that they can do is by posting fake links of advertisements, phone updates, and new applications for an automobile to capture the viewer’s attention. Mistakenly clicking the link may cause a malfunction in your Android system.

Unknowingly, hackers had already accessed your device. Personal accounts, passwords, photos, files, and other personal information are seen and can be used for illegal deeds.

Is it dangerous when your Toyota Android Auto is hacked?

Hacked Toyota Android Auto is very dangerous in different ways. Not only that they have access to your personal data, but they could also use that opportunity to make illegal transactions.

One of the most dangerous things a hacker can do is to sell your personal information on dark websites. This may grasp the attention of many thieves online especially when you got a brand new car. You can be robbed in an instant if that happens.

Moreover, hackers can control your car when you use the app with your device. For example, they can change the location of your trip, which only takes a second for them after you set it. It may not be harmful unless you already know where you are heading, but a first-time traveller will likely get lost when their auto device is hacked.

How to protect Toyota Android Auto?

How to protect Toyota Android Auto
Avoiding the presence of hackers around you may be achieved through the use of various methods to protect your Toyota Android Auto. The final decision depends on what you would prefer and will best suit your situation.

The first recommendation is for people who rarely use their cars or only borrow a car from their parents. Better discontinue using the auto app if possible because it has the highest risk of resulting in a stolen identity. It may be quite difficult, but we do not intend to force people who use this app for all-around tasks.

Secondly, strictly download applications from trusted sites only. Google Play Store must be used for Android or Smartphone users. Prohibiting illegal sites aside from the Google store decreases the risk of receiving any viruses that may damage the system once it is connected to your car.

Lastly, avoid clicking and visiting unfamiliar links and suspicious emails. As mentioned in the previous item, this is one technique of gathering your personal data to use in illegal transactions.


In conclusion, this article enables you to understand the concept of Toyota Android Auto Hacking. In addition, we intend to save every Android and Toyota car user to avoid being hacked. Thus, just enjoy exploring the road with good music and good company.

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