5 letter words ending in rit

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Are you ready to be challenged? Do you think that you know your five letter words well enough to win this game? Today, we will truly put your knowledge of five-letter words ending in ‘rit’ to the ultimate test. Get a group of friends together and prepare for the fast-paced and fun game wordle! We guarantee that you’ll have an enjoyable time trying to outsmart each other and winning this challenging battle by completing all ten rounds before anyone else can. Ready? Let’s go!

Matching words for five letter words ending in rit:

  • afrit
  • amrit
  • merit
  • sprit
5 letter words ending in rit

5 letter words ending in rit

ist of five-letter words that finish in rit:

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3 letter words that end with rit:

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4 letter words that end with rit:

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6 letter words that end with rit:

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7 letter words that end with rit:

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Meaning of the list 5 letter:

1. afrit (n): a variant spelling of afreet: A strong jinn or demon (from mythology of the Arabs and Muslims).

Example: Legends spoke of how these creatures could fly faster than lightning, traverse through mountains and had fear-inducing screams that would paralyze anyone who heard them 

2. amrit (n): a holy mixture of water and sugar used during the Amrit Ceremony

Example: The ancient Hindu ritual of Amrit has been used for centuries in religious ceremonies to signify the sanctity of holy matrimony 
3. merit (n): advantage

Example: The mayor and her team made an late-night offer to our members, which merits further review.
4. sprit (n): A fore-and-aft quadrilateral sail is crossed diagonally to the peak by a light spar pivoting at the mast.

Conclusion paragraph

Do you know any other words that end in -rit? Share them in the comments below and challenge your fellow word game enthusiasts to find as many of these words as possible. Remember, the more unusual the word, the better! As always, thanks for reading and happy gaming.


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