5 letter words ending in arer

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Do you take pleasure in learning new words and testing your vocabulary? It can be both fun and intellectually stimulating to challenge yourself to find the answers to game Wordle like this one. In this blog post, we will explore five letter words ending in arer as a great way to increase your knowledge of language while having some interactive gaming fun.

Matching words for five letter words ending in arer:

  • barer
  • carer
  • darer
  • farer
  • oarer
  • parer
  • rarer
  • yarer
5 letter words ending in arer

5 letter words ending in arer

Do 5 letter words ending in arer:

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Only words that contain these letters, no matter their order(TSBBOOST).
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3 letter words that end with arer:

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4 letter words that end with arer:

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6 letter words that end with arer:

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7 letter words that end with arer:

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Meaning of the list 5 letter words ending in arer:

1. barer (adj): without clothing

Example: If the surface feels too hot for you to step on with your barer feet or touch with your hand, it is likely just as uncomfortable and painful for Perry. Drs. Mynchenberg and Perry agree that this is true.


2. carer (n): a person who is responsible for caring for another individual, such as a person with a handicap, who is unwell, or who is very young.

Example: Jane has been a carer for her elderly father ever since he suffered a stroke five years ago. She devotes her life to caring for him and ensuring that his every need is attended to.
3. darer (n): challenger

Example: My brother was always the darer among us; he was always the one willing to go bungee jumping or try a new daring hairstyle 
4. farer (n): A person who voyages or travels; a traveler or a tripper.

Example: The farer travelled long distances, journeying across the high seas and braving treacherous storms in search of new lands to explore.
5. oarer (n): oarsman

Example:  The four oarers powered the small rowboat through the calm waters, each one pulling in perfect synchronization with the others 
6. parer (n): A small, sharp knife for peeling fruits and vegetables.

Example: My mother painstakingly parer apples for the homemade apple pie, carefully removing each layer of skin with a sharp knife.
7. rarer (adj): exceptional, infrequent

Example: Atheistical rulers are exceedingly rarer, yet it is unfortunately commonplace to find cruel and zealous dictators.

8. yarer (adj): ready, brisk, or eager

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Conclusion paragraph

The five letter words ending in arer provide a fun game that can help you improve your vocabulary skills. We hope you enjoyed playing this game and found it to be helpful. Are there any other word games or puzzles that you would like us to create for our readers? Let us know in the comments section below.

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