5 letter words ending in ang

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Looking for some fun and creative ways to engage in word play? Look no further! Today, we’re taking a look at five letter words ending in ang – an interesting linguistic phenomenon with its own unique rules, puzzles, and challenges. We have everything from classic word game favorites like Wordle to new creations that will keep you sharp and entertained. Get ready – it’s time to explore the world of five letter words ending in ang!

Matching words for five letter words ending in ang:

  • alang
  • bhang
  • chang
  • clang
  • dwang
  • kiang
  • klang
  • krang
  • kyang
  • liang
  • obang
  • orang
  • phang
  • prang
  • slang
  • spang
  • stang
  • swang
  • thang
  • twang
  • whang
  • wrang
5 letter words ending in ang
5 letter words ending in ang

List of 5 letter words ending with ang:

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It is quite interesting and intriguing to observe the various five-letter words that end in ‘ang’. The most common of these words is ‘sprang’, which has its origins in Old English language and typically implies something that has suddenly burst forth or jumped out.

The term can also be used to describe when someone abruptly awakens from a slumber. Additionally, other five-letter words that end in ‘ang’ include slang, twang, clang, rang and bang. Not only are these words heard most often in everyday conversation but they are also frequently seen in literature and other forms of written expression.

Moreover, such ang-ending words offer those who use them a unique way to emphasize the point they are trying to get across. Furthermore, beyond their usage as regular parts of speech, many ang-ending words can also function as nouns or verbs depending on the context of the sentence. It is thus not difficult to understand why ang-ending words are so commonly seen throughout languages all over the world: for their ability to communicate immense amounts of information within very few letters!

3 letter words that end with ang:

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4 letter words that end with ang:

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6 letter words that end with ang:

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7 letter words that end with ang:

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Meaning of the list 5 letter words that end in “ang”:

1. alang: (n): a kind of grass often used for thatching roofs in Malaysia

Example: Alang is a beautiful grass.
2. bhang (n): cannabis

Example: That night, the bazaar was alive with chaos and clamor as vats of bhang and tracks of toddy were shared amongst revellers who kept the fires burning late into the night.

3. chang (n): another name for the Yangtze

Example: Chang had been working hard to save money to put himself through college, and he was so proud that he could finally make this huge life-changing decision
4. clang (noun): clank

Example: A metallic clang echoes through the air and blends in with the twanging of a country-western classic, “Something to Brag About,” that drifts across Jiang’s classroom—an old mechanic shop painted bright white.

5. dwang (n): another name for nogging

Example: . The use of dwang during construction was recommended due to its ability to provide lateral support and rigidity to the structure, ensuring it could withstand heavy wind gusts and other external forces.
6. kiang (n): a species of wild ass, Equus hemionus, that lives in Tibet and the nearby areas

Example: Kiangs are the largest of the wild asses, with a long shaggy coat, big heads and bigger ears. They are found in dry areas of Nepal, India, Pakistan and Tibet and can survive on sparse vegetation.
7. klang (n): a tone made up of numerous notes playing simultaneously.

Example: The klang of the river rushing over the rocks was soothing as I took a moment to relax at the park
8. krang (n): a dead whale that has had its blubber stripped

Example: As he watched Krang drift lazily through the water, Tim couldn’t help but marvel at how graceful and powerful it seemed even in its stillness
9. kyang (n): Alternative spelling of kiang, meaning “the wild ass of Tibet”

10. liang (n): another name for tael

Example: In historical East Asian contexts, the liang was a unit of weight used to measure the quality of gold and other precious metals; one tael was equivalent to 1.2 ounces or 37 grams. You can see more: Convert oz to cups

11. obang (n): a rectangular Japanese gold coin that is no longer in circulation and is only used ceremonially or as a special contribution.

Example: For thousands of years, the obang has been an integral part of Japanese culture, used in celebrations and festivals as well as being employed as an accompaniment for storytelling and poetry recitation

12. orang (adj): anthropoid

Example: The anthropoid apes have huge ones, particularly the orang, whose is exceedingly long and spirally convoluted.

13. phang (v): to forcefully strike something with a long stick or swing a solid, hard object at it from a height.

Example: He phang so strong on the ground.
14. prang (n): bomb

Example: The careless driver pranged his car into a lamppost at the end of the street, causing considerable damage to both the car and the lamppost.
15. slang (noun): casual dialect

Example: Yo, my man! What’s the 411 on where you got that fly new pair of kicks?” This sentence contains the slang word ‘yo’, which is an informal greeting used to address someone
16. spang (adv): exactly, firmly, or straight

Example: The little girl twirled around in her sparkly pink dress, the skirt of which was embroidered with spangly silver sequins
17. stang (n): a dialectal or archaic past tense of sting

Example: The bee’s stang pierced his skin leaving a red and swollen mark that sting for hours afterwards
18. swang (noun): rhythm

Example:  The swang of the hammock rocked him gently as he grabbed a book and lounges in the warm summer breeze.
19. twang (noun): nasal sound

Example: My friend went on to explain that she had become exceptionally well-known in the thru-hiking scene, a star born from determination, tent poles and twang.
20. whang (v): hit

Example: He frantically searched for any of his crew members, but he felt as if he were a tiny cork among the rough and unforgiving waters of Whang Hai.

Conclusion paragraph

Do you know any other five letter words ending in ang? Share them in the comments below and see how many others you can come up with. As for me, I think I’ll go play Wordle now—I need to add a few of these new words to my vocabulary!

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