5 letter words ending in ite

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Are you ready to tackle five-letter words ending in ite? While this might sound tricky, with the help of a Wordle game, you’re sure to have an amazing time deciding which word fits each block. Wordles are akin to jigsaw puzzles where a combination of letters make up each square on the board. This particular puzzle features several words that end in either -ite or –ate so be prepared for some intense spelling fun! Whether you play alone or invite friends and family over for an exciting brain teaser challenge, this is one game you won’t want to miss out on!

Matching words for five letter words ending in ite:

  • axite
  • blite
  • boite
  • elite
  • evite
  • flite
  • quite
  • shite
  • skite
  • smite
  • spite
  • suite
  • trite
  • twite
  • unite
  • urite
  • waite
  • white
  • write
5 letter words ending in ite

5 letter words ending in ite

List of five letter words ending in ite:

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Vermiculite is a type of hydrated laminar mineral composed of magnesium-iron silicate. It has a wide range of uses, including insulation, construction material, and soil conditioner. The five letter words that end with “ite” are albite, ancite, apatite, arbite, and celite.

Other five-letter words that end in “ite” include delite, elmite, goethite, graphite, ilmenite, magnetite, melanite, muscovite, sanidine and sphalerite. There are hundreds of such five letter words ending with “ITE”. Vermiculite is a lightweight material which can be easily used in agriculture as it contains moisture which helps to keep plants growing.

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3 letter words that end with ite:

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4 letter words that end with ite:

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6 letter words that end with ite:

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7 letter words that end with ite:

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Meaning of the list 5 letter words ending in ite:

1. axite (n): a kind of non-smoking gunpowder

Example: Researchers recently discovered a large deposit of axite, which is a rare mineral with a brilliant blue hue, in the remote mountain range of Northern Siberia 
2. blite (n): any of a range of plants in the family Chenopodiaceae, notably Amaranthus blitum

3. boite (n): a tiny nightclub, cabaret, or restaurant

Example: I found a small wooden boite during my walk in the park that was filled with old coins from the 19th century – must have been forgotten by someone who enjoyed treasure hunting!
4. elite (adj): best, first-class

Example: Critics of the program strongly condemn it as a mere gift to affluent elites.

5. evite (v): an archaic word for avoid

Example: he evited seeing me for a week
6. flite (n): a dispute or scolding

Example: I saw a flite between the two of them on the way home.
7. quite (adv): completely

Example: Indeed, Mrs. Wurzel was quite right; the supplies had been procured no matter what it cost from Messrs. Rochet and Stole’s celebrated shop.

8. shite (n): another name for shit

Example: The shite is so dense in the air that I can barely breathe
9. skite (n): boaster

Example: Bill remarked, striking out a clay pipe against his heel, “Then none of your skite, friend.”
10. smite (verb): destroy

Example: I was smitten by their artwork, and felt compelled to showcase it because it offered an opportunity to view a realm beyond our own anxieties.

11. spite (noun): hateful feeling

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Example: Though he was angry with his sister, he didn’t act out of spite; he simply wanted to show her that what she had done was wrong 
12. suite (noun): set of rooms or furniture

Example: The newlywed couple spent their honeymoon in a special suite at the luxurious beachside hotel.
13. trite (adj): silly, commonplace

Example: His speech was so trite that it barely elicited a few perfunctory nods from the audience 
14. twite (n): a brown-streaked North European finch, Acanthis flavirostris

15. unite (verb): combine; join together

Example: The members of the student council united together to plan a fundraiser for the school library 
16. urite (n): a section or area of the insect’s abdomen

Example: I was taking with urite photograph of to sign.
17. Waite (n): American jurist who President Grant named Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court in 1874.

Example: Waite  is an American jurist.
18. white (adj): extremely pale; lacking color

Example: The sky was painted in a bright, white hue as the sun shone through the clouds 
19. write (verb): Put the language in writing.

Example: In addition to creating written material, the process of writing involves critical thinking, researching information, expressing ideas clearly and accurately, organizing thoughts in logical structure and order, revising drafts for clarity and accuracy, and finally editing the document for fluency.

Conclusion paragraph

In conclusion, the wordle for words ending in ite shows that most of these words are associated with games. This makes sense as many board and card games end in -ite. With this information, you can use these words to create a more fun and engaging gaming experience for your customers. Have you tried using any of these words in your own game designs?

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