Top 13 differences between win 10 vs win 11? Should Computers Already Running Windows 10 Be Upgraded to Windows 11?

By: Edon Lazaj

Windows 10 and Windows 11 are the names of the company’s most recent releases of the Windows operating system. There are a lot of folks who are confused about which version they should upgrade to.

You are not the only person who is confused about whether they should update to Windows 10 or Windows 11. A significant number of people do not clearly understand the distinctions between the two versions.The primary distinctions between win 10 vs win 11 are detailed in the following article by Edon Lazaj.

The Most Significant Differences Between win 10 vs win 11

1. Overall Effectiveness

1.1 The Improvement of Management

Improved overall performance is one of the primary improvements between Windows 11 and Windows 10. When you upgrade, you’ll notice performance improvements and additional features. The new operating system improves performance in ways that have never been seen before.

Web browsing will be faster, as will waking up from sleep and logging in. In terms of Windows Updates, they will be more minor in order to address every last aspect. Furthermore, Windows 11 users will find the operating system to be more efficient.

1.2 The Improvement of Sleep Mode

To boost Windows 11 performance, Microsoft has improved Sleep Mode. It is possible to keep the memory working while the Windows 11 computer is in Sleep Mode. This will effectively improve the speed at which the computer wakes up from sleep. For example, Windows 11’s Sleep Mode wake-up time is reduced by about 25% compared to Windows 10.

2. Use of an interface

The redesigned interface is another noticeable distinction between Windows 11 and Windows 10. Windows 11 has a whole new interface that looks and feels like Mac OS. To produce a clean look, the interface combines pastel colours and rounded corners.

The Taskbar and the classic Start menu are both moved to the middle of the UI. You may, however, relocate the Start menu wherever you wish, just like in Windows 10. The entire appearance has been changed. As a result, Windows 11 features a completely new user interface from Windows 10. Each piece of the user interface would have rounded corners.

3. Themes

Windows 11 will also provide a large number of other themes. If you are the type of person who likes to switch up the appearance of their computer on a regular basis, you will find that the new operating system is the ideal choice for you. It will not let you down with its various options such as new default themes for both light and dark mode in addition to four more themes that are available. In addition, there are new contrast-based themes introduced for people with visual impairments such as light sensitivity.

In addition, In win 10 vs win 11 there is a new theme engine that facilitates the user’s ability to easily build a new theme and that works in conjunction with the centered taskbar.

4. Start Menu & Taskbar

The Start Menu and Taskbar are where you’ll see the most significant changes between Win 10 vs win 11. Microsoft has decided to go in a direction that is less complicated. At the bottom, you will notice a list of applications as well as the documents that are most frequently utilized.

The following is a list of notable changes made to the Taskbar:

  • Only icons; we won’t use any more labels.
  • Taskbar Icons are designed to keep you informed by displaying notification badges on them.
  • Display the icon on the desktop: It has been changed to a Tiny Line in its place.
  • Notification area: Please note that it is now concealed in a “Overflow Area.”

You can select the apps that you want to pin by scrolling through the list. Contrary to Windows 10, Windows 11 does not support the use of Live Tiles. The search input field has been transformed into a symbol. Windows 11 does not include any of the functions that were formerly associated with Cortana.

5. Notification Center and Easily Accessible Settings

The Notification Center and Quick Settings have both been updated to reflect Windows 11’s refreshed aesthetic, which includes a new look. On the front of visual aesthetics, it is absolutely flawless. You will find the redesigned Notification Center and Quick Settings to be a pleasure if you are searching for improved design and vivid gradients in their respective user interfaces.

Users of Windows 11 must simultaneously press the Windows key and the letter N in order to open their notifications. In order to reach the Quick Settings menu, press and hold the Windows key in addition to the A key. Access to sound, music, wifi, brightness sliders, and other features will be made available through it.

The flat, two-dimensional photos have been given a sense of perspective by having some depth added to them. The menu panels and notification boxes have been updated with a new design that features rounded corners for a softer overall appearance.

6. File Explorer

The aesthetically pleasing appearance of File Explorer has been further improved in Windows 11. It has been moved down to the bottom of the page. Its functionality has been enhanced, and it now provides results more quickly.

The thing to know about File Explorer is that it has been completely redesigned for the Windows 11 operating system. Win 10 vs win 11 users will find that it is significantly more effective and noticeably quicker than the previous version. The arrangement has been improved so that recommendations may be found quickly.

7. Multitasking (Snap layout)

The ability to multitask is one of the most significant changes made in Windows 10 in comparison to Windows 11.  It gives you the ability to build up virtual workstations and gives you the choice to switch between several desktops, so you may use it for gaming, education, business, or personal usage.

You may access the window you want to use by moving your mouse over the fly out display that can be accessed by pressing the Win key and the Z key simultaneously. You can also move a window to save it for later use. Win 10 vs win 11will save the windows in order for you to use Snap Groups in the future to access them.

The latest version of the operating system includes Snap Layouts, which are essentially groups of apps that can be used all at once. It makes transitioning between tasks simple and straightforward. Because of this, Windows 11 enables you to take on additional responsibilities.

8. Gaining Access to Widgets

Widgets have been around for quite some time, but with the release of Windows 11, they are finally beginning to receive the attention that they deserve. It ought should be possible for you to access widgets from the Taskbar; to do so, swipe to the left using either touch or the keyboard shortcut Win + W.

You are granted access to a variety of live feeds when you make use of Windows 11’s widgets. They will provide you with updates and recommendations to ensure that everything will be automatically tailored to meet your preferences. The widgets are driven by artificial intelligence, and they curate all of the content depending on your interests as well as your location.

9. Game Tech

Are you a gamer? Then I have some excellent news for you regarding Windows 11. It includes many enhancements to the gaming experience. In point of fact, you will have access to technologies that were formerly exclusive to Xbox consoles and that are designed to improve the quality of your gaming experience. These features include Direct Storage and Auto HDR.

The integration of Xbox consoles and personal computers is the primary objective of the upgrade. When compared to Windows 10, the Windows 11 operating system will provide you with a more enjoyable gaming experience.

10. Android App Support

Microsoft is aware of the significance that Android applications play in the modern world. As a result, it has built Windows 11 in order to provide consumers with compatibility for android apps. Finally, users of the new Microsoft Store have the ability to immediately download Android applications.

This is made possible through a partnership between Microsoft and the Amazon App Store. You probably already know this if you use Windows 10, but downloading Android apps onto your personal computer might be a challenge sometimes. With Windows 11, this will no longer be the case for consumers, as the operating system will make it incredibly simple for them to download and run their win 10 vs win 11 preferred Android applications.

11. Input

Your experience with entering data will be significantly improved with Windows 11. Microsoft has done an excellent job in enhancing the way in which you may submit information utilizing your smartphone. Tablet users will have the opportunity to experience the full potential of touch between win 10 vs win 11.

After upgrading to Windows 11, you will also notice that the operating system has included haptics to the digital pen. This feature can be accessed by using the Windows Digital Pen. Simply clicking on the symbol that looks like a pen in the taskbar should bring up the menu for your digital pen, allowing you to turn it on and use it.

12. The Team from Microsoft

Last but not least, Windows 11 also brings a refreshed look to Microsoft Team. Your team will have an easier time staying organized thanks to the software that does it all for cooperation. In contrast to win 10 vs win 11, it will be seamlessly included into the Taskbar itself. Because of this, users won’t have as much trouble getting into the app. In point of fact, after the upgrade, it seems to have become more comparable to FaceTime.

It makes perfect sense that Windows 11 would deliver significant advancements given the significance that is placed on online communication. Microsoft Team will be thoroughly included, allowing you to use it with ease even while you continue to work on other projects. You will be able to switch between mobile and desktop access thanks to the agnostic approach.

13. The Microsoft Store

Both win 10 vs win 11 share the same underlying architecture for their respective app stores. Nevertheless, the Windows 11 app store now supports Android apps that are downloaded from the Amazon Appstore. Because Windows 11 is dependent on the brand new Windows Subsystem for Android, this feature will not be included in Windows 10.

You are still able to get Windows software for either Windows 10 or Windows 11 from the store, regardless of which operating system you are using. This includes Progressive Web Apps as well as Universal Windows Platform apps. However, Win32 applications such as Firefox are now only available for Windows 11 users.

Which Version of Windows Is Better, win 10 vs win 11?

In terms of both performance and features, Windows 11 is a significant improvement over its predecessor, Windows 10. However, because the release was only a few days ago, there are still a great number of issues or mistakes that need to be fixed. Therefore, in terms of stability, it performs marginally worse than Windows 10 does.

To summarize, it is not suggested that you upgrade to Windows 11 if your machine was acquired before the year 2017. You should seriously consider updating to Windows 11 if you bought your computer in 2017 or later, as doing so will provide you with a new experience as well as more functionality.

Obviously, simply considering the best time to purchase a computer is still too broad of an approach. In light of this, the following will provide an overview of the prerequisites for upgrading a computer running win 10 vs win 11, which will enable you to determine whether or not your computer is capable of receiving the Windows 11 upgrade.

Should Windows 10 Computers Be Upgraded to Windows 11?

Similar to Windows 7 and Windows 8, respectively. In addition to the free upgrade to Windows 10, you also have the option of upgrading to Windows 11 for free, provided that your computer is capable of meeting the requirements for the Windows 11 update. If you want to update to Windows 11, please check the following table to see if your computer meets the requirements.


Upgrade Requirements

CPU Requires a 64-bit processor (dual-core or multi-core) or System-on-Chip (SoC) at 1GHz and above

4GB and above

Storage Space 64GB and above
System Firmware UEFI Secure Boot support
TPM Trustworthy Platform Module (TPM) version 2.0
Display Adapter Direct X12 and higher, WDDM 2.0 driver and higher
Monitors HD 720p display with diagonal size greater than 9 inches and 8 bits per color channel and above.


In addition, a connection to the Internet and MSA are both necessities for the Windows 11 upgrade. Access to the internet is necessary for the installation of updates and downloads, as well as for the usage of certain features, in all editions of Windows 11. To name just one, upgrading to Windows 11 Home Edition calls for both an active Internet connection and a Microsoft Account (MSA) in order to finish the device configuration.

F.A.Q win 10 vs win 11

Is windows 11 faster than Windows 10?

No definitive answer exists, as both operating systems offer different features and benefits. However, some users may find that Windows 11 offers slightly better performance overall. Additionally, Windows 11 is designed to be more compatible with newer hardware and software, which could improve its speed and efficiency. Ultimately, the best way to compare the two operating systems is to try them both out and see which one works better for your needs.

What is the advantage of Windows 11 over Windows 10?

Some users may find that Windows 11 offers slightly better performance overall. Additionally, Windows 11 is designed to be more compatible with newer hardware and software, which could improve its speed and efficiency. Ultimately, the best way to compare the two operating systems is to try them both out and see which one works better for your needs.

Is it worth upgrading from Windows 10 to 11?

Whether or not it is worth upgrading from Windows 10 to 11 depends on your individual needs and preferences. Some users may find that the improved performance and compatibility of Windows 11 is worth the upgrade, while others may be satisfied with the features and functionality of Windows 10. Ultimately, the best way to decide if upgrading is right for you is to try out both operating systems and see which one works better for your needs.

How to make Windows 10 look like Windows 11?

There is no surefire way to make Windows 10 look exactly like Windows 11, as the two operating systems have different designs. However, there are a few things you can do to change the appearance of your Windows 10 interface to make it look more like Windows 11, such as downloading and installing new themes and wallpapers. Additionally, you can use third-party software to further customize the look and feel of your operating system.

After you have done reading our essay in which we discuss the distinctions between win 10 vs win 11, you will have an understanding of all of the upcoming modifications. There is no way to refute the fact that Windows 11 will provide increased functionality and a higher level of speed. Because of this, it is strongly recommended that you upgrade to Windows 10 as soon as you possibly can.

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