Where are Voicemails Stored on Android?

By: Edon Lazaj

We cannot be around our phones 24/7 since we have to work and sleep. Though there are instances where incoming calls are missed, and sometimes turn into voicemails.

But before listening to those messages, do we know where voicemails are stored on our Android devices? Well, enough with your struggles, and start figuring out how to access it!

Luckily, you have read this blog where all necessary information about voicemail storage is revealed by team Digitalne.tv . You should continue reading to find the best answers that you need.

Where are voicemails stored on Android?

Voicemails are technological programming that permits callers to leave a recorded message to people who do not answer their calls at the moment.

Basic voicemail is composed of a few seconds or minute voice audio that lasts for about 14 days before the telecommunication system deletes it.

Now to answer those repeated questions for Android users, generally, voicemails are not stored on the device itself because it needs an off-site server.

However, it can be accessed in three ways. Either through a voicemail application, a dial pad, and/or call the voicemail number.

Several Android owners install a third-party app to access voicemails. This application allows you to get voicemails easily. Although, you need to connect the device to an internet connection to make it work.

On the other hand, a dial pad is also useful to open stored voicemails. The provider will give you a specific number to press later on so you can access the voicemails.

The last technique to access stored voicemail is to call the voicemail back. Just borrow another set of the phone to call the voicemail’s number. And with that, you can already listen to the sent mail repetitively.

How to set up voicemail on Android?

The easiest way to access voicemail is by holding the number 1 key on the dial pad. By doing that, it eventually dials your phone number.

Automatically your mailbox will be connected. After that, type in a temporary password which is the last 4 digits of your mobile number followed by the number key.

If this process does not work try doing it the other way. Tap the three-dot icon on the upper right corner of the screen then proceed to settings. Then tap the voicemail and go to its advanced settings.

Setup the voicemail number, then enter the 10-digit mobile number. Save changes by tapping “ok” and return to the main menu.

How to check voicemail on Android by calling in?

Calling in your mailbox is probably the most common method to check a voicemail especially on Android devices. To perform that, follow these steps.

First, unlock your phone application. Then tap the dial pad icon from the home screen. A dial pad should be seen, then press and hold number one.

If stimulated, type your voicemail password, and then you can check already your voicemails.

How to save voicemails on Android?

Since basic voicemails are not stored on the Android device and have an expiration, we have to find another method to access and save them to your phone.

And to do that, you must follow several steps to accomplish it.

Third-party applications are recently prevalent to Android users. We can use an app like Visual Voicemail, Audacity, or any preferred app to access our voicemail.

This app works by exporting the obtained voicemails into an MP3 file. Which will then be directly stored in a folder inside your device.

Finally, you can review those voicemails anytime and repeatedly listen to them.

How to use a voice message?

Since the evolution of Smartphones, sending text audio became a trend. Basic voicemail as we know is an audio message that is stored in an off-site server, while a voice message is downloaded on the device.

A voice message is a more advanced text messaging service programmed to be sent through SMS and communicating applications such as WhatsApp, Messenger, and many more.

To save the voice messages, you should access first the settings of any messaging app that you use. Set the settings of the location, either in the internal storage and the SD card or where you want to store it.

Surprisingly, aside from the phone storage, you can also download all voice messages to your Dropbox account or Google Drive for a more secure place.


In summary, basic voicemails are not stored on Android devices, instead, it is kept a server for only a short period. There are easy means to access voicemails and found some strategies to save them rather than letting it to be expired.

Interestingly, a voice message is another way to send and receive an audio message, thus it is far easier to download and store on an internal or SD card.

After reading all this stuff, we hope you found where voicemails are stored on our Android devices.

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