DDR4 2400 Vs 3200: Which Item Should You Add To Your Shopping Cart?

DDR4 2400 Vs 3200, which one is better? Despite the rising popularity of the DDR4 RAM, there is no detailed guide about these two versions specifically.

What makes them different from each other?

What do you need to know to pick the right one?

If you have decided to upgrade your RAM and are debating between these two, we can help you make your decision.
Let’s get right to it!

DDR4 2400 Vs 3200: Which One Should You Buy?

It can be challenging to compare the DDR4-2400 vs DDR4-3200. Both have been praised by many for their outstanding performance and share many identical specifications.

To help you make your decision, we will guide you through the common features and differences between these two RAMs.

Let’s get started!


Since both the DDR4 2400 and the DDR4 3200 have the same model, they share the same functioning principles: more capacity means more data can be stored, and higher MHz frequency means data gets in and out quicker.

The DDR4 model is considered a significant upgrade from the previous DDR3 model, both in capacity and speed. Thanks to this upgrade, the DDR4 2400 and DDR4 3200 can transfer your files and perform your tasks at an excellent speed.

In terms of capacity, the two RAM have maximum memory storage of 64GB, with smaller options of 16GB and 32GB.

These DDR4 RAM also run on a lower voltage of 1.2, meaning you will save more energy when using them.

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DDR4 2400 Vs 3200 choice


You know how the commonalities shared by the DDR4 2400 and 3200.

Now let’s move on to what sets them apart!

Frequency (measured in MHz) refers to the speed of which data is moved in and out of RAM.

The DDR4 3200MHz has a higher frequency than the 2400 MHz, which results in the fact that the 3200 processes your task faster than the 2400.

However, since not many programs need super high-speed memory, you will not notice much performance difference between the two.

With programs that do utilize high-speed memory, the performance gained is only around 10%.

The price for DDR4 2400 and DDR4 3200 model varies greatly. For 16GB, both the 2400 and 3200 have a similar range from 100 dollars and up. But the DDR4 3200 becomes more expensive with 32GB and 64GB.

Since the performance increase is minimal, our advice is to go for whichever one is cheaper. You can then spend the extra amount on upgrading your CPU or GPU.

However, if the price difference is within your budget, and you work with programs that need high-speed memory, you can go for the DDR4 3200.


DDR4 2400 vs 3200? The truth is these two RAMs are a lot more similar than they are different. Given how similar they are, the deciding factor would be the price. It is up to you whether or not you want to spend the extra on the 3200.

The good thing is you cannot lose either way. Whether your work requires a lot of rendering or you want an optimal gaming experience, both the 2400 and the 3200 are highly efficient RAM that will satisfy your needs.

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Now it is time for you to make your own decision.

Good luck!

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