5 letter words ending in oke

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Do you love doing word puzzles? Wordles and crosswords can be quite a challenge! They require your brain to work in interesting ways, and their solutions provide a true feeling of accomplishment. Today, we’re going to focus on 5 letter words ending in oke—specifically, how the game Wordle is used to find those very words. It sounds tricky, but with our help (and if you’ve got that same ability for problem-solving as so many game experts), we guarantee it will be an invigoratingly fun experience – leaving you with new knowledge and skills along the way!

Matching words for five letter words ending in oke:

  • atoke
  • awoke
  • bloke
  • broke
  • choke
  • cloke
  • droke
  • evoke
  • proke
  • smoke
  • snoke
  • spoke
  • stoke
  • troke
  • wroke
5 letter words ending in oke
5 letter words ending in oke

List of five letter words ending in oke:

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There are numerous five-letter words that end in oke, which can be used to convey meaningful messages in a concise manner. For example, the word “poke” has become increasingly popular in recent years due to its versatile usage. It can mean to gently prod someone or something with your finger, as well as referring to an online message sent through social media.

Additionally, you can also use “soke” to indicate that someone is feeling overwhelmed or exhausted by a certain situation. Other five-letter words ending in oke include broke, spoke, joke, woke, yoke and stroke. Each of these words carries its own unique meaning and connotation that can help add depth and complexity to your communication.

Furthermore, they may also be used as part of longer phrases that have their own distinct definitions and implications. As such, having knowledge of these five-letter words ending in oke can be beneficial for those who want to express themselves effectively on both verbal and written platforms.

3 letter words that end with oke:

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4 letter words that end with oke:

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6 letter words that end with oke:

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7 letter words that end with oke:

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Meaning of the list 5 letter words ending in oke:

1. atoke (n): a part of a worm , of the class Polychaeta , which has no sexual characteristics

2. awoke (v): cause to get awake or awaken from sleep

Example: The blazing sun blazed down upon the deserted streets and houses, but awoke no life.


4. broke (adj): without money

Example: The high-stakes bidding underscores how essential midband frequencies are to companies aiming to seize worldwide dominance in the innovative 5G technology.

5. choke (verb): smother, block

Example: You can also explore nations with slow or dysfunctional internet choke points, making Wi-Fi usage an arduous and frustrating experience.

6. cloke (n):  A cloak or loose-fitting outerwear.

Example: The mysterious figure was wearing a heavy, grey cloke that covered their body from head to toe as they made their way through the dark night.
7. droke (n): a valley with steeply sloping sides

Example: The droke had been rumbling for weeks, but the locals were still unprepared for the magnitude of the earthquake when it finally struck.
8. evoke (verb): induce, stimulate

Example: However, more often than not, images with their intricate and dynamic designs evoke a variety of scenarios – from starry night skies to microscopic organisms or even the ancient tapestries woven by one’s ancestors.
9. proke (v): To poke, to thrust.

Example: My younger brother loves to proke around with his friends, often talking and joking loudly to get a good laugh out of each other. He particularly enjoys playing pranks on people and is always looking for the next opportunity to bring a smile to someone’s face.
10. smoke (noun): fume; cigarette

Example: A thick cloud of smoke billowed from the chimney, as the family inside huddled around a wood-burning stove to keep warm on a cold winter night.

11. snoke (v): To smoke so hard, one stones passive smokers.

12. spoke (n): bar

Example: By becoming a media organization with numerous spokes radiating outward, it can disperse its messages more widely than if centralized.
13. stoke (verb): fuel

Example: That dovetails with other signs of excessive market risk-taking, stoked in part by the Federal Reserve’s easy monetary policy.
14. troke (n): a sudden interruption of the blood supply to part of the brain caused by either a blockage or bleeding.

Example: After suffering a stroke, it is important to seek medical attention as soon as possible to minimize the risk of further complications or permanent damage.
15. wroke (adj): clumsy

Example: The clumsy waiter wroke a plate full of food which splattered across the floor and created a huge mess for everyone to clean up.

Conclusion paragraph

While we can’t know for sure what the future of Wordle will hold, it looks like the game is going to be around for a long time. With new words being added all the time and people finding more and more ways to play, this classic board game is sure to keep you entertained for hours on end. How do you think the addition of these five letter words will change the game?

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