5 letter words ending in ate

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Are you looking for a new word game to tickle your brain cells and give you an entertaining way to pass the time? We’ve got just the thing! Introducing letter words ending in ate, game wordle – an exciting puzzle where players must create words out of 5 letters that all end with ‘ate.’

Whether you love a challenge or are just looking for something fresh and fun to play, this game is sure to deliver plenty of laughs while offering up some mental gymnastics as well. Test your creativity, problem solving skills and competitive spirit now by joining in on the fun!

Matching words for five letter words ending in ate:

  • abate
  • alate
  • amate
  • blate
  • coate
  • crate
  • elate
  • enate
  • frate
  • grate
  • irate
  • olate
  • orate
  • ovate
  • plate
  • prate
  • quate
  • reate
  • roate
  • skate
  • slate
  • spate
  • state
  • urate
  • wrate
5 letter words ending in ate
5 letter words ending in ate
5 letter words ending in ate
5 letter words ending in ate

List of five letter words ending in ate:

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Five-letter words are a common part of the English language. While there are millions of words in the English language, five letter words remain one of the most frequent and useful. Not only do five letter words allow for succinct communication in a variety of contexts, but they can also be used to create powerful messages.

For example, words like “love” and “hope” can convey strong emotions while other five letter words such as “truth” and “right” can help to express complex concepts with just five letters. There is a multitude of five letter words that end with ate as well. Words like ‘create’ and ‘debate’ suggest something active while others like ‘elate’ and ‘irate’ indicate a level of emotion or intensity. Five letter words ending with ate can also add complexity and variety to writing, helping to convey subtle nuances in meaning that could otherwise not be easily expressed.

In addition to their practical usage, many five letter words are always great fun for word games such as Wordle or crossword puzzles. Players must carefully select which letters to use in order to create valid word combinations that provide maximum points. By mastering the various five letter word lists available online, one will be able to take their Scrabble skills from average to expert in no time!

3 letter words that end with ate:

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4 letter words that end with ate:

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6 letter words that end with ate:

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7 letter words that end with ate:

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Meaning of the list 5 letter words ending in ate:

1. abate (verb): lessen, grow or cause to grow less

Example: Implementing policy changes, such as reimbursing telehealth consultations by the government, have proved to be immensely beneficial, may be reversed when the crisis abates.

2. agate (n): typeface

Example: From luxurious gold and silver vases, to shimmering agate creations and captivating crystal displays, you’ll find a timeless selection of furniture like silver tables and the finest golden plating.

3. alate (adj): winged

Example: Alate: possessing an appearance of wings, even though they may not serve the purpose.

4. amate (v): to cast down

5. blate (v): cry plaintively

Example: The timid child stood on the stage, blate, unable to remember what she had been taught and feeling embarrassed in front of all her peers 
6. coate (n): a short coat.

Example: The little boy draped his coate over his arm as he hopped along the sidewalk, eager to get inside and out of the cold winter air 
7. crate (noun): wooden container

Example: In two short hours, the Soviets were about to suddenly find themselves painfully groggy and begin counting their crates at the train station.
8. elate (verb): inspire

Example: The female athlete’s face beamed with sheer delight when she was awarded a gold medal for her outstanding performance in the 1500m race—she was truly elated to have achieved such success.
9. enate (v): growing out.

10. frate (n): a monk or friar

Example: My frate, John, is always there to help me out when I’m in a tricky situation.

11. grate (verb): shred, grind down

Example: Cast-iron grates, similar to a cast iron skillet, maintain heat and distribute it evenly. This ensures that your food does not stick or burn during the cooking process.
12. irate (adj): angry

Example: Men, often unwilling to give up their gender-based advantages no matter how much women progress, are captivated and perplexed by her resilience–until they they grow irate of the challenge.
13. olate (n): any salt or ester of oleic acid.

14. orate (verb): speak

Example: The surest way to get yanked off the stage — any stage — is to clear one’s throat and begin to orate.

15. ovate (adj): oval

Example: The ovate, small leaves emerge in an diametric branching pattern along the verdant stems.
16. plate (noun): dish or meal served

Example: Despite the fact that it doesn’t have a drying cycle, this appliance is still incredibly effective at getting all of your leftover food off the plate. All you need to do afterward is simply dry them off and put them away!
17. prate (verb): babble

Example: My boss had the audacity to prate on and on about his successes in the workplace like a peacock, which made my coworkers and I roll our eyes in disgust 
18. quate (n): state of tranquility, acceptance, or satisfaction.

Example: He always had an inspirational quate ready to go, so when his boss asked him what he thought of a certain project, he replied with, “As Henry Ford once said: ‘Failure is only the opportunity to begin again more intelligently.'” 
19. reate (n): a type of crowfoot.

20. roate (v): learning by repetition

Conclusion paragraph

The wordle for the five letter words ending in ate shows that the most common word is ‘ate’. This makes sense, as it is the past tense of eat. However, the next most common word is ‘gate’, which may be due to its similarity to ‘ate’ and its use in phrases such as ‘the gate is open’. The other three words are all fairly uncommon, with ‘hate’ being the least popular. What can we learn from this?

It seems that when people are looking for a word that ends in ate, they are more likely to choose ‘ate’ than any of the other options. This could mean that you should focus your marketing efforts on emphasising how your product or service is different from your competitors by using language that emphasises the end result (‘ate’). If you can do this effectively, you may be able to increase sales by capitalising on people’s natural tendency to prefer words that end in ate.

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