YouTube Keeps Minimizing Android – How To Fix That?

Android problems or issues do occur. Usually, a number of issues in Android devices mostly go away as time goes by but there are problems that linger and prevent people from enjoying the experience of using Android apps. 

The specific issue that is commonly detected by a user is that YouTube Keeps Minimizing Android

It is indeed annoying especially if you’re watching your favorite channel then suddenly it minimizes the crucial part and then you have to re-select the applications again and again. 

So, the article is here to help you aid the problem “YouTube Keeps Minimizing Android”. 

YouTube Keeps Minimizing Android

How do you stop YouTube from minimizing?

A lot of things could make Android devices go crazy or perform unusual behavior. However, if the Android device is repeatedly minimizing it’s a good move if you perform these actions. 

The cache may be the reason why the process accelerates but as time goes by it may become corrupted even though new apps are dependent on it. 

For now, let’s say the reason behind the YouTube minimization is the corrupted cache, performing things like clearing up the app cache and the cache partition will help.

 The first thing you need to do is traversing to Settings and select Storage. After that, choose or hit Apps then select applications that you wish to be cache cleared. 

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Lastly, just press Clear Cache. In the Clear Cache Partition, the first step is, you have to shut down the device. 

The second step is while the device is starting, the Volume Up, Home, and Power Buttons should be pressed at the same time.

 But when you feel the phone react or vibrates, you have to let go of the Power button and keep the Volume Up and Home buttons being pressed.

 In the last step, if it happens that the Recovery Mode shows up, let go of the Home Buttons and Volume Up. 

To navigate and to wipe cache partition you have to use the Volume up and Volume Down buttons then select it by using the Power Button.

Why does the screen minimize by itself?

Have you ever heard of Ghost Touch? It is a term that people commonly use to define a situation where your phone selects randomly on your phone even you’re not controlling it. 

The reason why Ghost Touch occurs is a poorly installed screen protector and small particles that have entered your screen, in short, you got a dirty screen.

 If Ghost touching has been affecting your device, then we can say the sudden minimization of your apps like YouTube is clearly possible.

 So the first thing to do is intuitive to those who own a Mobile device, such as wiping the screen many times. 

Secondly, you have to remove the screen protector if you have and observe if the minimization issue still occurs. 

When it is effective after cleaning it, then you don’t have to go to Technician.

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How to stop YouTube from minimizing itself? 

By using the Picture-in-Picture or PIP setting, Android users or owners could keep on watching and using the apps while performing other tasks. 

Due to the fact that it really helps, PiP can be the reason why your applications minimize randomly.

 PiP can be the reason if the Android keeps on minimizing. And in order for it to be disabled, going to the Settings must be the first option then press Apps and select Advanced after. 

In the last step, press Special App access then choose Picture-in-Picture then you can disable it. 

However, there are many applications that have separate PiP settings and one of them is YouTube, so it’s better to disable it.


The sudden minimization of Android Applications is just one of the several app-related issues such as Android device freezes, crashes, slow operation.

 And for it to be in its condition, you have to delete or uninstall unnecessary Apps especially if you’re not using them, update Android Apps occasionally, and lastly turning off battery optimization. 

Now that you have adequate knowledge about YouTube Keeps Minimizing Android, you can now consistently watch and enjoy YouTube.

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