Volume Changes by Itself Android

A lot of people have been using Android phones, but some customers noticed that the devices’ volume changes by itself in Android. This is not a supernatural thing going on, but rather due to several factors inside or outside your device. To help you solve this problem, continue reading below for some useful tips and easy instructions by our team Digitalne.tv .

Why does the volume change by itself in Android?

Based on many complaints of mobile users, there are several causes for accidental volume changes in Smartphones. The use of headphones, automatic volume limitation, and the protective casing on the device.

First and foremost, not all customers knew that there are a set of standard earphones needed to be used. A plug 3.5mm long has three connections or TRS that enable it to carry a sound on both sides. The 4th connection with a built-in microphone and remote-control switch refers to TRRS. One must purchase the right earphones to access the compatibility and accuracy to fit on the plug of your phone.

Secondly, the warning notification that limits the phone volume automatically to prevent potential hearing loss of the owner. This notification may be disabled, but it recurs every 24 hours. Lastly, the phone case also affects the volume changes. Make sure to have a well-structured case to ensure that it fits perfectly on the device and does not pressurize the volume buttons.

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How to stop sound lowering on android phones when you plug headphones in?

How to stop sound lowering on android phones when you plug headphones in
To stop the sound lowering on your phone the most common method is to download the app Automate. Download and install an application named Automate from the Google Play store. This app enables you to adjust the settings on your device.

Open the app and create a new flow and tap the menu option on the top-left icon. Look at the button on the top left corner and tap again the sound option. Next is to either tap the option of “Audio Volume” first or the “Audio volume set”, then start customizing its settings.

Change the proceed option into “when changed”. Then adjust minimum and maximum volume into the desired percent. After series of alterations has been done, you can now save the settings and ensure to permit Automate to adjust your device audio volume.

This app is certainly recommended by many Android users, but the only hassle thing is you need to open and start the app every time you unplug the earphones.

How do I lock the volume on my Android?

How do I lock the volume on my Android
Most people worry that the volume of their phone will blow up their ears due to its high volume especially on young children. To solve this problem, you can either download an app or look at the built-in controls to lock or limit the phone volume.

Google’s Android operating system like in Samsung tends to warn users whether their volume is too high. You can go to Samsung’s controls, and open its app screen. Scan the settings and tap the “Sound and Vibration” option.

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Then continue to the “volume” option and set to default volume in all device’s functions comprising the ringtone, alert tones, media tones, and app tones. To lock the volume level, tap the “More” option and select “Media Volume Limiter”. Lastly, set a customized minimum and maximum volume level and save it using a PIN code.

For another solution, download on Google Play Store an app named Volume Limiter or Limit volume. This app helps to set the desired volume and lock the volume to secure the safety of the users’ ears. To finish, a friendly reminder that not all Android phone has these option, others just have different terms on settings and apps but with the same guidelines.

How do I stop apps from lowering the volume?

In some Android Mobiles, receiving a notification from applications tend to lower the phone volume which seems to be disturbing on other users. Several techniques are discovered to solve this problem and it depends on your device which is applicable.

For devices that run in Android 8.0 Oreo, you can access its settings which stops the Audio Ducking in your media player. Open phone settings, then click “Apps & Notification”, then tap “App name” that is budging the volume.

Proceed to the app notification option, scan if you can disable or adjust the sound and save the edited data setting.

Another method for those devices has a support system called “Do Not Disturb” mode. This helps to adjust your app audios and notifications to have an uninterrupted moment. Just read and look in your phone settings, set your phone in to Do Not Disturb mode, and it will stop all notification alerts from altering the phone volume. Simply, it will still stack your notifications but on a silent mode.

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How to remove volume limit on Android?

How to remove volume limit on Android
If you want to explore your Android phone’s settings, it is simple to remove the volume limit and increase your phone’s volume beyond the maximum level. Customize the volume limiter in your settings to reach the full device volume.

Open the phone settings and tap “Sound and Vibration”. Click on “Volume” and tap the three-dotted icon that shows “Media Volume Limiter” in the upper right corner of your screen. Turn on the limiter option and choose “Custom Volume Limit”. After that, you can now adjust the device’s maximum volume or desired percent.

Another method is to adjust the equalizer settings. Just open again your settings and tap “Sound and Vibration”. GO to “advanced sound settings and select “Sound quality and effects, then “Equalizer”. From there you can now customize the audio settings in a different manner such as the bass, treble, vocal sounds, etc.


After reading the article, you already have an idea of how to handle things when the volume changes by itself in android devices. Identify first the leading factor such as the earphones or phone case which does not match the phone, or it is really in your settings that need attention. All in all, by following the steps mentioned, it is easy to set up your phone with its desired volume.

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