Smart Lock Not Working

Life is smooth when your Android phone is upgraded with security and improves the device’s capability. But the frustrating part is when the Smart Lock is not working. That is why this team compiled several reasons and solutions for this problem. Plus, it also provides you with information and understanding about Smart Lock in Android devices.

What’s smart lock on Android?

Android devices have a security system called Google Smart Lock that monitors the device whenever it is used or not. It is made with various features which ensure user’s safety, especially in public places.

The Smart Lock can lock and unlock the device once it detects the user’s touch. In addition, bugged Bluetooth or Internet sources will not be a problem because activating the Smart Lock only allows you to connect to other devices that you trust.

Moreover, you can set a voice-activated or face-scanning feature that allows opening your device without typing the passcode. Overall, Smart Lock has many benefits, it was installed for a great purpose in Android users.

Why is smart lock not working?

Why is smart lock not working
Google Smart Lock is a very useful tool for Android devices, it is recommended by everyone for its advanced security features. But there are instances where the smart lock malfunctions. Hence, here are some of the most common causes of this issue.

One of the major reasons is the inaccuracy of location, which restricts to unlock your phone. Just set the right address and other trusted areas and it will solve the problem. Correspondingly, check the mobile compass’s calibration, which also guides the phone to trace your exact location.

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Aside from that, see if your Google Account and email are updated. Because, as you logged in other emails into the Google account, it will override the settings which alter the smart lock. Plus, using multiple email accounts affects Google’s function of unlocking or locking the phone properly.

Moreover, third-party applications are also seen as the reason. Certain apps cause conflict to the system which might disable the smart lock. Corrupted data on Android devices are also caused by cache partitions. Therefore, to solve this problem, remove all apps burdens the activation of Google Smart Lock.

How do I enable Smart Lock?

How do I enable Smart Lock

Since, Smart Lock needs to recognize signals when the device is in your pocket, at home, or any trusted location, you need to enable it first. And to do that, follow the easy steps below. Remember that other Android devices have different terminologies used, nevertheless, it has the same meaning.

The first move is to navigate your screen and go to phone settings. Next is to tap the Lock Screen and select the Smart Lock option. Draw the current pattern or password. There will be three choices shown on the screen, these are On-body detection, Trusted Places, and Trusted Devices.

On-body detection keeps your phone unlocked when it is on you. Trusted Places means you need to add a specific location on where the device should be unlocked. And the Trusted Devices need to add a device to keep you unlocked when it is nearby.

The last step is to decide among the three on what to activate for Smar Lock. Either turn on the chosen feature or set a standard location or add a trusted device, then fill the needed process and continue to save.

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How do I fix Android Smart Lock Trusted Places?

The Android Smart Lock Trusted Places feature allows you to set a specified location such as at home, office, malls, and other places which keep your phone locked or unlocked. This ensures security that your device will stay locked if it detects an unsafe area and will automatically unlock if you are in the location.

And to fix this problem, just visit your device Apps store and access the Settings. Open the Lock Screen and Security and set it into Swype. To proceed, tap the Secure Lock Settings then the Smart Lock, and encode the password. As you open the option Trusted Places, you are now able to edit the address that is not properly working.

To update the system changes, drag the red pin on the desired location. Note that even the pin is in place, retype the address to ensure accuracy. After selecting the right coordinates, save the changes.

How do I turn off Smart Lock?

How do I turn off Smart Lock
Long ago, you had an obsession with making Google Smart Lock handle your account passwords and security. Lately, you discovered that anyone close to you or once your phone is stolen, they can easily get through all your stuff. To rest assured, you can disable the Google Smart Lock by following these steps.

To switch it off, just visit your phone settings and go to Lock Screen. Continue to Security and then tap Smart Lock. Terminologies vary from different Android devices, you can directly search for Smart Lock on the search icon above the Settings.

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If you have the feature On-Body Detection and Voice Match, just tap and turn it off. For the Trusted Places feature, select a location that needs to be deleted. And same goes with Trusted Devices feature, remove the connected device. And that’s it, you have successfully turned off the Smart Lock system from your phone.

Is Smart Lock Safe Android?

Technically, the system of the Android device has made a Google Smart Lock make the user’s life easier, ensure security, and at the same time provide convenience. For people who always open their phones, encoding the password may take some time. The device can be automatically unlocked with a preapproved set-up, which makes it less hassle.

The only disadvantage that I can expect is when the phone gets stolen and with the smart lock set-up, it will be simple for the thieves to access the device.


After a comprehensive reading of this article, we hope that it imparted some realizations on why Smart Lock is not working for on your Android phone. Since Smart Lock is essential for daily living, you can follow the instructions mentioned to activate it and give you utmost convenience.

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