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Android phone comes from many brands and companies. Up to this time, there is no such thing as a perfect Android Operating System. This is why some users experience some issues such as the screen turns off when watching videos on Android Phones. Read this article for further understanding and to gain tips on fixing the problem by team

Why does my phone screen turn off when watching videos?

Various Android users wondered why their screen turns off or blackens when watching videos. These occur due to various reasons like poor internet connection, changes in settings, malfunctioned applications, improper charging, damaged battery, or application caches.

Firstly, poor internet connection affects the video from playing because it might prevent it from downloading it completely. Disconnected videos result in turning off or blackening the screen.

Sometimes, the screen timeout settings turn off the device even in watching videos. Check the phone settings and see how many seconds or minutes you set before the screen turns off.

In downloading an application, make sure that it is legit and does not have any viruses which can bug your device. In addition, it is common for some applications to have many caches which can sometimes interrupt the functioning of the Android phone even by doing small tasks like watching videos.

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Aside from that, all phone users must take care of their phone by charging it properly at its right time. Do not charge your device or prolong charging time even if it has full battery life. Moreover, assess the battery capacity of the device and examine whether it is too old or incompatible for the Android phone anymore.

If none of these factors link to your problem, better consult a technician to see why your phones’ screen blackens or turns off while watching videos.

How do I stop my Android screen from turning off when watching video?

How do I stop my Android screen from turning off when watching video
Before anything else, assess the Android phone’s problem before performing alterations to resolve it. This portion suggests as many recommendations as possible to fix your problem.

The first tip, when you are browsing for videos on YouTube or other online platforms and the screen suddenly turns off, check the power of the internet connection. Restart your internet source, then refresh the page or browser that you are viewing.

Secondly, uninstall apps that bugs the device. If the internet connection is not the problem, look at the list of applications you have and delete those untrusted apps that might contain viruses that damage the Android system.

Thirdly, change the screen timeout feature of the device. Go to phone settings, look for the screen timeout option under the Display area. Set the desired duration before the screen turns off. Just a reminder setting a long duration, the more it consumes battery life.

Fourth, reset factory settings to restart the device completely. This allows to reboot the device and delete all unnecessary data that may have caused the screen problem.

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Finally, if none of the mentioned solutions have worked, use a third-party tool to install or either consult an expert to resolve issues while playing videos.

How do I fix my black screen on Android?

The black screen problem can be fixed immediately by rebooting your Android device. An easy method is to long-press or holds longer the “Home” and “Power” switch at once for about 10 seconds. Release both switches and hold the power switch and wait until the device turns on. If the device shuts down because of decreased battery life, just charge it before you turn it on again.

Another method is to use an Android System Repair tool which is a program that fixes problems of Android devices. Although this method is quite tricky and has a long process of installing, connecting the device to a computer, and then rebooting the phone, you can just get an expert or technician to do the job.

How do I stop my Android screen from timing out?

Wanting to keep the display of the Android screen longer than expected can be manipulated. Luckily, with our new generation devices, you can simply tap a few icons to adjust the setting based on your needs.

The first move is to visit the device Settings and tap the Display menu. Look at the screen carefully and find a Screen Timeout or Sleep Setting – terms may differ depending on phone brands. The average timeout for an Android phone is 15 seconds up to 30 minutes.

Select a time or choose the option for “Keep screen turned on” if you do not want it to sleep unless you press the lock screen button of the device. After that, you are good to go. But always remember that increase duration of screen display may drain the battery.

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Why does my phone keep changing the screen timeout?

Why does my phone keep changing the screen timeout
Even if you set the screen timeout every day to 10 or 30 mins, the phone keeps turning off again. This experience makes Android users annoyed and distracted when using their phones. To address that problem, manipulate the phone settings and do as follows. A reminder that the effectivity of this method may vary based on the type of Android phone.

Now to start, access the phone settings, search for the Device Care option. Tap the Battery and open its Settings through the three-dot button. Read the screen and go down to Optimizing Settings. And finally, disable screen timeout setting. Use the device and observe if the technique is effective or not.


The screen turns off when watching videos on Android Phones is one of the basic issues that occur in some Android devices. Therefore, it could be a result of several causes previously mentioned like changes in the settings, bugged applications, poor internet, connection, and more.

In the end, this article is only a guide that provided you with insights and techniques on how to fix a screen that turns off when watching videos. We hope that it worked for you and continued using Android phones.

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