Red Dot on Discord Icon

Discord is an application with millions of users from different areas around the globe. It provides services that allow us to connect to one another. One of the features of this app is the red dot on the Discord icon that normally appears for a reason.

Several people do not know its purpose, which is why this article has compiled the best answers for your queries regarding the red dot on the Discord icon. Also, details about dealing with this dot are further explained below and with the team to find out the article.

What does red dot on discord mean?

First of all, discord is known as an app that provides communication services on different channels. Technically, a dot is commonly seen inside the Discord application which stands as a Status badge. This indicates whether you are online or offline as you logged in to the app.

The Status Badge varies in colors. The red dot means Do Not Disturb where you shall not receive any desktop notifications. The green color means you are Online, so they can see all notifications that you currently sent them.

While the crescent yellow dot means Idle. This means that the user is online but is not using the computer or taking a break from using the keyboard. Most likely they might not see your messages in this situation.
Furthermore, the white dot means Invisible where you will not appear online, but you will have access to all the Discord. Purple means you are streaming. Gray dot color means you are invisible or offline.

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What does red dot on Windows taskbar mean?

In using a Discord app, many users are not aware of the symbolism of each dot. One of the many queries is the red dot on the Discord icon on the taskbar of the computer. Unknowingly, the red dot symbolizes that there are recent notifications from Discord.

An example of that is when someone posted or mentions you in group chats and private messages a red dot pops up over the Discord icon. Aside from that the red dot also means there are unread messages from the app.

There is great significance in programming those red dots, thus other people found it distracting and useless, so they just alter the notification and message settings into mute to avoid the red dot from popping.

How do I get rid of red dot on Discord?

Removing the red dot on the Discord comes in many ways. The first option is to turn your status online to avoid the red dot. In addition, you can open all your messages from Discord. Sine, unread messages are one of the reasons red dots appear on your desktop. Select all unread items and mark them as read.

Aside from that, removing the dot permanently, you must access your user settings. Click the settings icon beside your username. Then by reading the menu on the left side of Discord, click the Notifications. Next, turn off the Enable Unread Message Badge to disable the notifications and you will not see the red dot again.

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Furthermore, another method is to mute your channel by clicking the server button, then right-click your channel and select the mute option. You can mute the channel between 15 to 24 hours or click the Until I Turn It Back On. Note that by muting a channel the notification for the unread message will be disabled.

How to activate the red dot icon on Discord?

How to activate the red dot icon on Discord
While some people are distracted by the red dot icon in Discord, several users want to see the red dot icon, but the app did not show any. By this feature, they should get notified with unread messages and other alerts on Discord. Based on common reviews, this is not the app’s fault, but there seems to be a problem with the Taskbar of the device itself.

In addressing this issue, simply visit your computer Settings. Go to Personalization and then the Taskbar. Read the menu for Show Badges. Make sure that all options must be turned on. After that, restart your computer and see if the red dot revealed itself. If the method did not work, your computer system must be broken which needs an expert to examine it.

What does red circle with line mean on discord?

There are many dots on Discord, however, the red circle with a line icon on a specific contact can mean a thing. Wondering why you did not receive any message from that username with the red dot with a line in the middle it is because he/she was blocked.

If you are annoyed by this symbol and want to chat back to that person, you can reverse it by unblocking them. Just start by accessing your computer and opening Discord. Just go to the server and open Blocked Messages. Click the Show messages and you can now see its username. Right-click the username and tap the unblock option. From then you should not see any red minus dot anymore.

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Why is my Discord text red?

Why is my Discord text red
Many users wonder whenever they type for a response on Discord chats, it seems that the typescript is always red. Even if it involves the Discord app, the main problem is not found there. It is related to connection issues. Color red texts indicate that your messages have not been sent.

To address this issue, simply check your internet connection. Either restart the internet router or turn off and on your mobile data connection. When the internet connection is restored with a good signal, you can press the retry and send the failed messages again. If you want to make sure, retype your message and send it.


We assumed that after reading this article, you have already understood the meaning of the red dot on the Discord icon and other colored-dot features from this app. Additionally, we hoped it gave you an idea and ways to fix glitches regarding the symbols of the app icon. In the end, you decide to either remove or activate the red dot wherever suits you best.

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