What is Cloud Agent on Android?

What is Cloud Agent on Android

A part of the technological modification, there are a lot of platforms where you can store and backup your files without carrying a flash drive or occupying too much space on your memory card. From this site, you shall discover what a Cloud Agent on Android Devices is and other related discussions on how to … Read more

How to Access SIM Toolkit on Android?

How to Access SIM Toolkit on Android

When buying a new phone, people do not usually pay attention to SIM card settings. Little did you know, a SIM card contains all information, permitting you to connect with everyone? Surprisingly, only a few people have an idea of How to access SIM Toolkit on Android phones. If you are not one of them, … Read more

How To Clone Android TV Box?

How To Clone Android TV Box

The entertainment industry has been changed because of the popularity of Android TV boxes. Movies and music can be brought by you with the Android Box.  Surfing the internet, reading the news, browsing social media accounts, sending emails are all possible in Android TV Boxes.  But, have you ever heard of transferring media files to … Read more

How to Exit Big Picture Mode?

How to Exit Big Picture Mode

If you love playing video games, you should probably start learning about Steam. Steam is launched in 2003 by Valve, which has become the biggest platform in the global industry of computer gaming. Due to people’s needs and demands, there has been a lot of innovations created. However, other features may be good or bad … Read more

Why Don’t GIFs Work on my Android?

Why Don’t GIFs Work on my Android

We know that emojis and stickers are not the only things that make us laugh when we received a message from our social media accounts. Graphical Interchange Format (GIF) has come to a trend since then. Yet, there are issues on why GIF does not work on Android? Some GIF apps are crashing and GIFs … Read more

How to Reset RCA Viking Pro Tablet?

How to Reset RCA Viking Pro Tablet

There are numerous reasons why it says “not registered”, maybe it’s defective or missing UICC (SIM card). It also might be corrupt radio firmware, mismatched hardware due to contradictory ROM, etc. In most cases, the reason is a non-provisioned device & carrier. If you’ve been using a Sprint, Virgin Mobile, FreedomPop/Ting, Boost Mobile, Text Now … Read more

How To Turn On SMS Over IMS?

How To Turn On SMS Over IMS

A lot of options, menus, codes, and features in the Android Operating System are hidden and just waiting to be triggered. One of them is named Android Testing Menu. Opening your phone and dialing *#*#4636#*#* will lead it to another bunch of menus, and one of them will give you information on how to turn … Read more

How to Run Steam Game as Admin?

How to Run Steam Game as Admin

In the gaming world, Steam strikes the rank for the biggest distributors of computer games. Millions of people gather online to sign up and download thousands of games. However, Steam’s system may experience several malfunctions at times which needs an administrator to access for updates and repair those issues. On a positive note, Digitalne.tv presents … Read more

4K Option Not Showing on YouTube

4K Option Not Showing on YouTube

YouTube is one of the most viewed applications of all. We knew its main purpose is to present uploaded videos. However, some viewers want to see a higher quality resolution. Hence, some issues concern that 4K Option Not Showing on YouTube. The discussed items in this article answer the queries of viewers about enabling the … Read more

Toyota Android Auto Hack

Toyota Android Auto Hack

Toyota is upgrading their auto models with an Android Auto display screen. This does not only provide creative and extraordinary experience, thus entertains you while driving and as a passenger. When it comes to technology, the more advanced feature, the more hackers will grab the opportunity to study and steal the system. And so, team … Read more

Smart Lock Not Working

Smart Lock Not Working

Life is smooth when your Android phone is upgraded with security and improves the device’s capability. But the frustrating part is when the Smart Lock is not working. That is why this team Digitalne.tv compiled several reasons and solutions for this problem. Plus, it also provides you with information and understanding about Smart Lock in … Read more

Red Dot on Discord Icon

Red Dot on Discord Icon

Discord is an application with millions of users from different areas around the globe. It provides services that allow us to connect to one another. One of the features of this app is the red dot on the Discord icon that normally appears for a reason. Several people do not know its purpose, which is … Read more

Screen turns off when watching video Android

Screen turns off when watching video Android

Android phone comes from many brands and companies. Up to this time, there is no such thing as a perfect Android Operating System. This is why some users experience some issues such as the screen turns off when watching videos on Android Phones. Read this article for further understanding and to gain tips on fixing … Read more

Android apps uninstall themselves

Android apps uninstall themselves

A lot of people experienced that their Android apps uninstall themselves. Several reasons have caused this problem. However, panic about the deleted apps is not necessary because this Digitalne.tv provide ideas and explanations for your query. Continue scrolling and find out what answer best suits your problem. Why are apps automatically uninstalled from Android? Based … Read more

Volume Changes by Itself Android

Volume Changes by Itself Android

A lot of people have been using Android phones, but some customers noticed that the devices’ volume changes by itself in Android. This is not a supernatural thing going on, but rather due to several factors inside or outside your device. To help you solve this problem, continue reading below for some useful tips and … Read more

How to Format SD Card as Internal Storage?

How to Format SD Card as Internal Storage

Many Android users want to alter an SD card into internal storage due to insufficient space on a mobile device. That is why this article compiled the best options on how to format SD cards as Internal Storage. It seems easy on most phones to access its settings, but some mobile manufacturers do not expose … Read more

How Much RAM For Streaming Do You Need?

How Much RAM For Streaming Do You Need

RAM has always been an essential part that contributes to system performance. Needless to say, every task performed by a computer requires RAM, Streaming included. But the big question here is How much RAM for streaming do you need? With all the information given by team Digitalne.tv below, you should be able to grasp enough … Read more

How to Connect Case Fans to Power Supply?

How to Connect Case Fans to Power Supply

Insufficient cooling is one of the main causes of the slowdown in computers, especially those that have to deal with an intensive load of gaming. As a result, many people come to the solution of installing extra case fans, yet finding the task a little too tricky. If this is your case, team Digitalne.tv here … Read more

How Many Watts My Psu Should Be?

How Many Watts My Psu Should Be

PSU is responsible for supplying power to all computer hardware devices such as the motherboard, hard drive, etc. But have you ever wondered “How much Watts my PSU should be?”. The answer to this question is quite challenging but it will be fully presented in this article. Are you ready to learn more about PSU? … Read more

Broadwell E Vs Skylake: Which One Is Suitable For Your System?

Broadwell E Vs Skylake

Broadwell E and Skylake are the two most prominent processor generations of Intel. Therefore, when considering buying a new laptop, many people wonder whether they should choose one that comes with Broadwell E or Skylake. So, Broadwell E Vs Skylake: Which is better? The answer will be revealed in this article. Don’t miss any information … Read more

What Hz Monitor Should I Pair With A RX580?

What Hz Monitor Should I Pair With A RX580

Needless to say, the graphic card plays a crucial role in boosting computing performance. Therefore, choosing an ideal type of graphic card is nothing short of importance. However, you may find that there are numerous types of graphic cards out there, and surely you may take into account the question ”What Hz Monitor Should I … Read more

What is the ASMedia Serial ATA ?

What is the ASMedia Serial ATA

The hard disk drive is one of the most essential parts of any machine. It is considered as a “brain” that controls most of the basic elements, so, without the hard disk drive, the machine cannot run properly. The need to enhance the performance of the hard disk drive has given birth to the Serial … Read more

Evga vs Corsair PSU: Which is better?

Evga vs Corsair PSU

Evga vs Corsair PSU: Which is better? A good PSU (Power Supply Unit) plays an important role in determining your computer’s performance. Therefore, considering which PSU to put into the shopping cart is a must. It goes without saying that Evga and Corsair are the two leading brands in the PSU manufacturing industry. However, when … Read more

How Much Can I Sell My PC for?

How Much Can I Sell My PC for

You have an old dusty PC stashing in the closet for ages, and you are thinking of passing it to a new owner as leaving it there would be such a waste? You are not alone. We all want to get the most money from the old PC and this post – “How much can … Read more

Where are Voicemails Stored on Android?

We cannot be around our phones 24/7 since we have to work and sleep. Though there are instances where incoming calls are missed, and sometimes turn into voicemails. But before listening to those messages, do we know where voicemails are stored on our Android devices? Well, enough with your struggles, and start figuring out how … Read more