Intel Optane 16gb vs 32gb: Which Module Should You Get For Your Pc?

Optane is a new product brand of Intel which is built on the 3D Xpoint technology. Unlike flash memory, which has performance and durability limits in writing data, Optane memory brings users better experience in reading speed.

However, before choosing an Intel Optane for your PC, you might wonder if Intel Optane 16gb vs 32gb, which one is suitable for your system? Well, don’t rush, this confusion will be satisfactorily answered in this article by team

Intel Optane 16gb vs 32gb: Overall Review

Intel Optane is a smart memory that boosts your PC speed and operation. It essentially works like a secondary RAM. When your main RAM is full, all the data will be transferred to Optane and processed faster. However, before deciding whether 16bg or 32gb that you will go with, let’s see how these two models work!

Intel Optane 16gb Performance

To run any Intel Optane model, your PC has to feature a motherboard with an M.2 module and the BIOS which supports Optane. Also, you will need at least a Core i3 CPU for using this memory.

Technically, an Optane 16gb can hit 900MB/s read and 145MB/s write. It is faster than a normal 1TB SSD which is around 500MB/s read. More importantly, Optane 16gb has a relatively low latency access times comparing to NAND-based SSDs. Memory latencies of Optane 16gb are only 30/8µs while NAND’s are 100/50µs.

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Intel Optane 32gb Performance

With a larger memory capacity, the Optane 32gb module shows better performance results. When tested on the same operating system, Optane 32gb produces reading and writing speed of 1350MB/s and 290MB/s respectively. In particular, memory latencies of Optane 32gb reach 18/7µs, which is an impressive number.

The test also indicates that thanks to Intel Optane Memory, both Windows boot time and application loading time are improved significantly.

Intel Optane 16gb vs 32gb

Which Memory Model Should You Go With?

We can easily see that Optane 32gb offers better overall performance. And of course, its price is also more expensive than a 16gb module. An Optane 16gb is now sold for $28 while it is $88 for 32gb.

Typically, the 16gb module will be suitable for those who use multiple applications, constantly have to switch among different apps, and often open many browser tabs at the same time.

On the other hand, you may need an Optane 32gb if you have many heavy applications, play heavy games with high graphics, and work a lot on video or photo editing.

In Conclusion

There is no doubt that Intel Obtane 16gb and 33gb perform more outstandingly than a NAND Flash Memory.

However, you should first have a look at your needs to decide if Intel Optane 16gb vs 32gb: Which module you will go for!

If you are an ordinary user and have a tight budget, the 16gb version will be a suitable choice. But if you are looking for an Intel Optane version for high demand in gaming or graphics, then go straight for a 32GB module.

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We do hope that with our suggestion, you now find it easier to make up your mind. And don’t hesitate to share it with us by dropping a comment below!

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