How To Turn On SMS Over IMS?

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A lot of options, menus, codes, and features in the Android Operating System are hidden and just waiting to be triggered. One of them is named Android Testing Menu.

Opening your phone and dialing *#*#4636#*#* will lead it to another bunch of menus, and one of them will give you information on how to turn on SMS over IMS. will answer almost all of your curiosity.

How to turn on SMS over IMS?

SMS and IMS are some of the features that many people use, but few are taking care of. Even so, in the world of developers, it is just an ordinary feature.

The meaning of SMS is Short Message Service while the IMS’s meaning is IP Multimedia Subsystem.

If you are going to toggle between the two modes, it will make the text messages and calls put through VoLTE which means Voice over LTE.

Because of the subjection to vote, the messages are mailed in two ways.

The first one is by way of 4G/WIFI connection text messaging, then the other one is through 3G?2G.

In short, the messages and calls that are being sent depend on the Internet Service Provider.

After the SMS is turned on over IMS, messages are sent over the 4G connection network instead of the traditional 3G and 2G.

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In a lot of places, the options do not work, and even you change the options to each of them, there is no result seen.

However, in order for the SMS to be turned on over IMS, you must Activate the android test menu. And to activate the android test menu, select Phone information then select the turn on SMS over IMS.

Does SMS work over LTE?

There’s a myth that occurred like SMS doesn’t work over LTE but the reality is LTE and EPS support a wide variety of messaging applications such as SMS.

The solution is numerous, awning both the full IMS case and an alteration solution for those networks that do not support IMS.

SMS on top of IP was fully identified 3GPP Rel 7. It’s up to the IMS and it is deliberated to provide affinity between the existing cellular legacy and the implementations with more detailed messaging capabilities over SMS and IMS networking.

For some without IMS, a transition solution was named. It is previously called with misleading name SMS over CS but this is called SMS over SGs.

It allows the transmission of native SMS from CS infrastructure over the LTE radio network which is a hybrid approach.

SMS via SGs was identified as part of Rel 8. SMS service for mobiles in LTE is provided by SMS over SGs and it is intended to be a transition solution because it requires a CS domain infrastructure for the SMS transmission.

What is turn on IMS registration required?

IP Multimedia Subsystem or IMS is a set of designations to give numerous services such as data via IP protocol i.e. the internet, multimedia, and voice.

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In order to connect with it, registration needs to be done by applying at least one IMPU (IP Multimedia Public Identity) that is your mobile number in the case of smartphones.

But currently, this system is not ongoing and is not applicable anymore.

The advice must be thrown off. This mode is uncomplicated and is aimed at switching off your cellular radio. It doesn’t affect the connection of your mobile phone, for example, the Bluetooth.

It can’t be compared to Airplane mode that turns off all connections maybe it is Bluetooth, WIFI, and cellular.
This mode doesn’t do anything if you’re not registered for an IMPU (IP Multimedia Public Identity) and leaving it is the better option.

How do I register with IMS?

How do I register with IMS
There are numerous reasons why it says “not registered”, maybe it’s defective or missing UICC (SIM card).

It also might be corrupt radio firmware, mismatched hardware due to contradictory ROM, etc. In most cases, the reason is a non-provisioned device & carrier.

If you’ve been using a Sprint, Virgin Mobile, FreedomPop/Ting, Boost Mobile, Text Now compatible device, and your device happens to be activated, open your stock dialer and dial ##72786# then press YES on the SCRTN menu.
Because this will reset your device’s network, telephony, and RIL settings to factory default, reconfigures your telephony.DB and telephony. journal libs prompt an update of your PRL and client-initiated profile. And the most important is it registers the IMS of your device & carrier.

What is SMSC?

SMSC is the short term for SMS Centre Number and it is used for each network, through which all the SMSMes are routed and you can update that by entering the number, forming hexadecimal, and touch the UPDATE.

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Tapping REFRESH doesn’t help anyway because most of the time it will just give you an error.

However, with a little bit of warning, it’s not recommended to update the number and there are apps that are capable of doing it but it’s better to take it to a cellular provider for it to be a carrier.


It’s hard to understand detailed things especially if you’re just a beginner. All information here might help you to answer your curiosity on how to turn on SMS over IMS.

Most of the things are confusing at first that’s why you need to take care of using the menu as a little bit of error might lead to certain problems such as connectivity.

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