How To Sell Custom Software Development Services? Tips & Tricks

Among thousands of companies providing custom software development services, how to sell custom software development services? Perhaps this is a question that any young business needs an answer to. 

Their products will be challenging to compete with the “big guys” if they do not give themselves a correct business orientation. The following article will provide tips to help you sell custom software development products to customers worldwide.

Why Sell Custom Software Development Services?

Before selling any product, you need to determine the competitive advantage and the advantage of the product you will sell. In custom software development, too, you can rely on the following 3 benefits to use for your advertising campaigns.

Better financial allocation

One of the advantages of custom software is that it helps to optimize and cut costs, creating more value for money by bringing in more potential new customers.

Better financial allocation
Better financial allocation

This software can signify all processes, helping to stimulate customers to use the products/services of the business. You can entirely rely on this aspect to enable potential customers to use your services.

Profitable investment

Although custom software will cost a lot more than available software, in terms of value, it is worth every penny the business spends. It is provided by a trusted developer, targeting customers using the product’s needs and trends. 

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Profitable investment
Profitable investment

So, show your customers that you are a capable and experienced 3rd company in custom software development. Prove to them that their money is a profitable investment.

Maximize developer support

Customers who use custom software development services won’t need to ask about maintenance and update issues. 

Because it is the terms and policies that any custom software development project should have, give them this policy as a free offer they will get for using your service. From there, they will feel confident and secure about your company.

How to sell custom software development services?

Realizing the benefits you can use for your advertising campaign is not enough to reach customers. You need to know what you will do with the available advantages. If you are wondering about this, read the custom software marketing strategies below.

Define Unique Selling Proposition 

It is understood as determining UVP – unique value proposition or USP – unique selling proposition. This helps highlight your product/service through your company’s vision, a specific feature, or a great customer experience. Once you’ve identified the USP for your business, you’ll be able to build an effective marketing strategy around it.

Include a free trial 

A free trial is arguably one of the ways you can build trust and an impression on your potential customers. When they don’t know anything about you, prove to them what you have and will do. It is these experiences that will help customers decide whether to continue using your company’s custom software development services or not.

Upselling through the freemium model

For all customers with custom software development needs, their particular concern is financial. Because the costs for these projects are enormous, customers will not be able to make quick decisions if they are not sure. 

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To build customer confidence in your product, you can provide them with additional premium software using the Freemium version. This combination includes granting free access to specific features. And several upgrade options for a premium feature of your choice.

Release Product

Demo Video This video should provide the customer with the ability of the software to meet their needs. Introduce features and answer questions that customers ask. 

In addition, videos can be designed in various formats: screen broadcast, motion graphics, activities, and live action. You need to research customer trends before choosing the format video provided. 

Connect with your customers 

Connecting with customers will help you reach and understand your customers better. The premise allows you to convince and close great-value custom software development contracts. Take care of your customers so that they feel your company is helping to improve the business’s limitations.

Collect reviews from real users Collect

reviews from customers who have used your services. And put them on blogs and online forums. It will help more people who need to use the service to know more about you. It is their premise to contact you and ask the company for advice on custom software development services.

Provide your contact information

This will help you to demonstrate to your customers that: “We are always ready to assist customers at any time.” Whenever they have a need, they can contact you at any time. Typically, custom software development will have a global reach. So, you should provide multiple contact methods for customers. It will help you not to miss out on potential customers.

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Implement cross-platform marketing

Although implementing cross-platform marketing can cost you a large amount of money. But it’s worth it. Implement the service promotion on many different platforms, and it will help customers find you anywhere. At the same time, it will contribute to brand coverage for your business.

When you sell software, metrics make it possible to analyze the effectiveness of your marketing strategy. It will allow your business to identify sales-generating goals. With trends dominating the market, if you’re not willing to understand and adapt to it, you could end up losing profits from that shortfall.


Hopefully, the article will help you answer the question: “how to sell custom software development services.” It can be said that this is a question that any software development business will encounter, especially young businesses. To market effectively, you need to realize custom software’s competitive advantages. 

Show your customers that their money is worth it. Only then can you convince customers to use your company’s services.

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