How to Save Contacts Before a Factory Reset on Android?

Are you feeling anxious about getting rid of all your contact details after a factory reset on your Android device? Well, don’t be! We are here to elaborate How to save contacts before a factory reset on Android. 

By following this article, it will guide you with a simple method of backing up and restoring your phone data. Access the services to save your personal information and restore it whenever you wanted to.

For a note, the specified instructional terms may differ according to the Android device that you are using. However, we have shown the basic procedure that is somewhat applicable to almost all Android devices.

What should I backup before factory reset on Android?

Before executing a factory reset, you must think about the important contents that will be deleted on your Android phone. Explore your device and list all data that needed to be synced.

Visit phone settings and go to the accounts option. Open your main Google account and you can see a list of apps and services that you can turn on so it will automatically sync your data.

The list pertains to information like Tasks, Contacts, Calendar, Chrome, Notes, Drive, photos, documents, and more. 

By verifying those menus it will ensure that every important detail and other connected application to the device is restored later on after resetting the device.

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Does factory reset erase my contacts from my Android phone?

The term factory reset refers to setting over again. So, all data stored from internal storage to SD card storage are bound to be deleted. Including your question about the list of contacts will be removed too.

There shall be no need for the misery of mistaken reset unless you have already planned of backing up ahead of time. 

If you want to keep your contacts, use a backup with your Google account on an Android device.

How to Save Contacts Before a Factory Reset on Android

How to save contacts before factory reset on Android? 

For a detailed guide on saving your contacts before resetting an Android phone just keep reading and follow these steps. Note that terms vary depending on the brand and unit of Android phone used.

Look into your phone settings first. Tap for the “Cloud and Accounts” (or Accounts and Backup) menu. Open the “Accounts” option and select the Gmail or device account where you wanted to sync your data.

After that, tap “Sync Account” or sync for all items menu. As you can already read from your screen there are itemized data that you may sync for backup.

And these are namely the People’s details, contacts, calendar, Play Games Cloud Save, Google Fit Data, and Gmail.

Since your problem is for the phone contacts, just tap the “Sync Contacts” and it will upload your contacts right away. Wait for a few minutes or refer to your internet connection before it finalizes its job.

How to retrieve backup contacts from a Google account?

Once you are done resetting your Android device, it is time to restore important records that have been deleted. To retrieve the backup contact numbers, follow the guide below.

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Visit the phone settings, open the “Accounts and Backup” menu. After that, go to the “Backup and Restore” option. Then tap “Restore Data”. Sign in to your account to proceed with the restoration.

In signing in, either open your Google account or manufacturing account (particularly applies on Samsung devices) which is previously applied for backing up.

After that, review the Backup and Restore statement. Read the apps and services that you want to restore. Select the data that you want to obtain which is the Contact details.

Turn on the switch for them to have an access to your device and allow them to start restoring all information needed. Wait for a few minutes to finish.

The final step is to check the contact settings if it has successfully restored each contact information that you had before.


Now, have you already learned How to save contacts before a factory reset on Android? If yes, then we are glad to help you overcome this problem.

A final piece of advice for you is to be cautious, read the steps properly, and complete the pattern to successfully save your contacts and other important data before resetting the Android phone.

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