How to Format SD Card as Internal Storage?

Many Android users want to alter an SD card into internal storage due to insufficient space on a mobile device. That is why this article compiled the best options on how to format SD cards as Internal Storage. It seems easy on most phones to access its settings, but some mobile manufacturers do not expose it in default settings. However, there are optional tips mentioned by below.

How to format SD card as internal storage?

If you are curious about reformatting an SD card to convert it into internal storage, continue reading and follow the instructions. Note that this is only applicable to Android devices. Also, make sure to delete all unnecessary files on your SD card. It needs to be emptied for the procedure to be successful.

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Next is to go to the phone settings and select “Storage”. Tap the option for the SD card, then, tap the top-right menu of settings. After that, tap “Format as Internal”, then erase data and format. Then the SD card has now been formatted as internal storage. Lastly, restart the device to refresh all the data from the phone.

Another method of formatting SD cards as internal storage is to go directly to phone settings. Scroll until you see the “Storage and USB”. Then look for the SD card’s information. After that, tap the option to format the card and convert it into an “internal storage”. If the process is done, restart the phone so it can revitalize up and start working on the SD card.

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What happens if you format SD card as internal?

When the SD card is formatted to be internal storage, you can now download desired applications with the capacity memory of the inserted SD card. For Android devices with 6.0 Marshmallow, there is a 2GB capacity. This means that you can install applications that will consume 2 GB of space on your SD card.

However, there are other devices without a visible menu, thus it does not mean this method will not work. A lot of sites which you could format SD cards as internal memory in devices such as Samsung, Sony, LG, etc.

What happens if the microSD card is removed?

Frequently asked questions for Android users, is what will happen if the SD card is removed from the device system. Detached SD cards will not be a problem because the files are still intact. Unless you converted it into internal storage, or it became the storage for your applications.

When you remove the microSD card, all applications installed will be replaced by a placeholder. But these apps can be restored by connecting the device to any online network where you can reinstall them. If your SD card has a defect, there are no chances of data recovery. To avoid this problem, ensure have backup storage.

How to make the SD card portable again?

If you had a sudden change of mind, and wanted to make an SD card portable again, or just wanted to have an extra memory card for necessary files, you may follow these easy steps.

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First, insert the SD card into any Android phone or if you already have it, wait until your phone detects it. Next, proceed to phone settings, and scan into the Storage section. Tap the SD card icon, then tap again the top-right corner of the screen.

Read the popped option and select the “Format as portable”. After that, you can use the SD card on other Android devices available. This may take some time, so do not turn off the device until the process is completed.

How to Adopt a MicroSD Card as Internal Storage

How to Adopt a MicroSD Card as Internal Storage

In adopting an SD card as internal storage, a user must guarantee to have a fast and strong card. Always note that there are only certain SD cards that have inexpensive, but strong power capacity. The weaker its SD card, it will slow down the functioning of the apps and the device itself. So better invest in better performing SD cards.

After choosing the preferred SD card, insert it on your Android phone, and once a notification appears, select “Setup”. Tap the “Use as internal storage”. Later in that process, all contents of the SD card will be reformatted, so make sure to have backup storage for any important data on that SD card.

To proceed, you can select if you want to move the files and some apps now or later. Afterward, transfer the data by going to the phone setting, look for “Storage & USB”. Tap the menu option and tap select the “Migrate data”. And now you have adopted an SD card as internal storage.

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How to remove safely an internally partitioned SD card?

Before you remove the SD card from your phone, the first thing to do is to check the content. Categorize whether the photos and files need to be deleted or saved. If your internal storage has insufficient space, transfer necessary data from the SD card in another form of storage or backup apps available.

Now open the phone settings, look for “Memory & USB”. Tap the option for “Move data” in the internal memory. Once the SD card has been cleared, you can now format it as mobile memory. Keep in mind on backing up data before formatting. It ensures that data is not corrupted and lost. Lastly, you can reuse the SD card on other devices if it was removed safely.


To format an SD card as internal storage on your Android phone, you must gain access to your mobile settings. Go to storage, and format it as an internal. Hoping that the process on How to format SD cards as Internal Storage has worked for you. Furthermore, we anticipate that following the steps and tricks from this article gives an understanding of the other applications for SD cards.

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