How to enable USB debugging on Android Phone with Black Screen?

People always end up struggling with how to restore data after their Android phones become a black screen.

In order to solve this situation, you have to enable USB debugging on an Android phone because that’s the only way to recover data. Now here are the tips on how to enable debugging on Android with a black screen.Please consult with for writing.

How to enable USB debugging on Android with Black Screen?

You can take back the files from your phone even if it doesn’t cooperate anymore or in short, broken. If you use an OTG cable with a mouse, then there is a higher chance it’ll solve it.

However, before you start to proceed you must check your phone if it supports a USB OTG cable, or else your effort will be useless at all. In order to see if it support OTG and mouse, you can check the section COMMS of the device to confirm it.

After using the OTG adapter to connect the cable you can’t still do anything because of the black screen. Therefore, you can’t do anything anyway. It’s better if you mirror the screen to your computer and then start hustling.

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You should use your mouse to enable debugging in your phone and make your work lighter. Now start clicking the mouse for the phone to be unlocked and then turn on USB debugging on Settings.

After doing that, you need to have a PC to connect your black screen Android phone and it will recognize your phone as an external memory.

Finally, open your files and folders of your phone on the computer and you can copy files such as photos, videos, contacts, etc. that you want to recover.

How to enable USB debugging on Android with black screen using ADB tools on the computer?

How to enable USB debugging on Android with black screen using ADB tools on the computer
For your information, Android has an impressive tool that is prominent by its name SDK and within it, there is a tool named ADB command. It is capable of connecting your device through USB and helps to enable USB debugging without even tapping the screen.

However, this process is difficult if you don’t have enough computer knowledge. Firstly, on its website, you have to download and install ADB. This time the USB debugging is turned off on phone, which means your phone needs to enter ClockworkMod recovery.

You are able to do this by pressing ad holding the Power + Home + Volume Up buttons together. In the command prompt, you should run “ADB devices” after Clockwork Mod recovery loads. Then you can use this command: ADB pull/data/media/clockworkmod/backup~/Desktop/Android-up.

However, if you don’t have better computer knowledge, then it’s better to avoid this method. Because this step is quite risky and can damage your phone even in small mistakes.

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How to recover data from Android with Black Screen?

The data stored on your phone is the most valuable thing you could ever recover when your phone screen turns black.

To recover data from the Android black screen without enabling USB debugging you must use Android Data Recovery.

This software is so adequate as it can take data from black or broken Android phones. Name every data you want and it will recover everything such as WhatsApp messages, music, contacts, etc.

It is also capable of recovering data that is accidentally deleted either formatted because of virus attacks or any other cases that caused it to get deleted.

However, it is strictly recommended that you must use the software on your Laptop or PC because recovering the data from your phone is risky itself as there is a high chance that you could lose all your information due to data overwriting.

How do you bypass screen lock using Android Lock Screen Removal Apps to enable USB debugging?

If you can’t remember your phone’s lock screen password or pattern, the first move you should do is remove the screen lock of your device. You can also download an Android Screen Lock Removal app like Dr.Fone-Screen Unlock for the problem to get fixed quickly.

In this way, you can effectively and quickly bypass Android lock codes on your screen without experiencing interruptions or without applying useless steps. On your computer, download Dr.Fone-Screen Unlock and install it.

Press the “Unlock” option among the options that are available. Using a USB cable connect your Android smartphone to your PC. Clicking the Start on the Android Lock Screen Removal app will proceed you to the next step.

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Choose the appropriate mobile device model by picking the correct model, name, brand of your device then click next. Type “Confirm” to ensure that you have chosen the right device model in the next panel.

Go after the on-screen instruction to enter into Download Mode and turn off your phone. Press and hold the Volume Down + Home + Power buttons altogether. After that, press the Volume Up button to activate Download Mode.

And once your Android device goes in for Download mode, it means it’s downloading the Recovery Package. Wait for the download until it gets completed.

When it is downloaded, the app will automatically remove the screen lock or password. You can now access your phone just like before without a password/pattern or PIN.

How to enable USB debugging on Android smartphones after bypassing without unlocking?

First, you have to press the Settings app and go to About Phone. After that, Tap the Build Number Seven times, and you will be reminded with the “You are now a developer!” line.

Go back to Settings, and you can now see and tap the “Developer Options” in the menu. Tick the USB Debugging checkbox and click the OK when prompted with the “Allow USB debugging?” line.


It seems like you are now comfortable with your current situation. The ways that have been mentioned here will surely help you to enable USB debugging on Android with a black screen. It may be complicated for beginners but these methods are worth it.

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