How To Download A GIF From Giphy

GIFs can be additional seasonings for every person communicating online. These GIFs can even be found in business emails or on every platform you want to name. 

If you can appreciate the innovation of the way people communicate, you have to be using a GIF library. 

Luckily, the internet has been loaded numerous animated images and videos that’s been looped. Hence, the situation on How to Download A Gif From Giphy in 2022  is made easy.

How to Download Animated GIFs?

Accessing GIFs can be pretty easy as they can be found anywhere on the internet. Browsers have built-in software allowing the user to open and view them but not all. 

Sending GIFs as a message is pretty simple. First, select the GIF URL from the browser or what site you have searched your GIF from for example 

You should copy the link by right-clicking it or using the “CTRL + C” keyboard shortcut and make sure to highlight the entire link. 

Then, select any website or room where you want the GIF to be shared. You can paste it by right-clicking on it or using the keyboard shortcut “CTRL + V”.

 But, the GIF won’t work if the site where you got the GIF takes it out from its database. In order to solve it, you just have to save it to your local drive so you can use it anytime you want. 

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To do it, place your cursor to the GIF and carefully right-click on it then select “Save Image As” from the options. When the “Save as” frame appears you must decide where to save it.

 Put a name and ensure that the “Save as type” is still a GIF image or else it won’t be working. After that, click “Save” after naming it for the download to be completed. 

Now, the GIF can be found in your chosen folder and you can use it anytime except if some platforms won’t support the format.

How to Download Animated GIFs on iPhone

How to Download Animated GIFs on iPhone?

Sadly, a Built-in download manager into a browser like Safari is nowhere to be found but that is something you should not be worried about.

 iOS users may take a few bit steps as they must be doing it manually. The first step is to access your browser that already has a built-in download manager and go to the link

 Only click the GIF to open it and don’t save it as a search result because the format will be unreadable.

 Press down on the GIF until the menu will open and select “Save Image” from the list of choices. After that, go to the “Photos” app and it’s up to you whether you close your browser or not. 

Carefully press the “Albums” and scroll to the bottom until you find a list of all media in your IOS that belonged to “Media types”. 

Tap on the “Animated” option and you can find your saved GIF there. If you have observed that it’s not moving it means the iPhone Photos app didn’t support it but if you’re going to send the GIF it works perfectly. 

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iOS 11 devices only have the ability to play GIF animation. Another method of downloading GIFs using your iPhone is through a third-party app. 

The app’s name is GIFwrapped and for it to be downloaded-go to the Apple App Store. Press “get” after searching it. Tap on the icon after the download is being completed.

 In the app, you can see a search bar for you to browse specific GIFs and you should be typing it as (for example, cat.gif). 

Lastly, after finding a GIF you prefer, tap to open and press down until a list of options shows then select “Save to Library”. 

How to Download Animated GIFs on Android?

Compared to iPhone, Android devices allow users to download GIF files directly from the browser. If you have found the GIF you prefer the next step is so easy. 

As usual, the first step is to go to the browser and type “”. After that, tap on the GIF for it to be opened then press down to open a window for a list of options. 


Choose “Download Image” or “Save Image” from the choices. After that, just exit the browser and find the GIF that has been downloaded to your photo gallery. 

Android also is not behind in terms of having an app for the GIFs to be integrated into your messages. The name of the app is GIF Keyboard by Tenor.

 To use it, go to Google Play Store and browse “GIF Keyboard” if you found a search box. And a friendly reminder, ensure that it is issued by the Tenor. 

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Tap the “install” button then after the installation is completed open the downloaded app by tapping on the icon.

 Press “allow” for the Tenor GIF keyboard to access photos, media, and files on your device. You can now integrate GIFs in specific apps like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.


Actually, the website for GIFs is unlimited. Having it downloaded is easy if you follow all the steps mentioned above thoroughly.

 There are many apps for GIFs to be saved that haven’t been mentioned both in Android and iPhone devices.

 However, if you want to make your own GIF by downloading a photo editor that suits the OS of your device and you can also use an online GIF creator. 

Hopefully, this article helps you with How to Download A Gif From Giphy in 2022.

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