How To Clone Android TV Box?

The entertainment industry has been changed because of the popularity of Android TV boxes. Movies and music can be brought by you with the Android Box.

 Surfing the internet, reading the news, browsing social media accounts, sending emails are all possible in Android TV Boxes. 

But, have you ever heard of transferring media files to Android TV boxes? This article will show you How to Clone Android TV Box.

How to Clone Android Tv Box?

There are many ways to clone files to an Android Tv Box, and one usual way is through a USB thumb drive. 

From your personal computer to the USB thumb drive the media content needs to be transferred, afterward sent to your Android TV Box, that’s why inconvenience may be expected. 

So, the less hustle way to do it is for your pc you have to check and download ES Explorer in Google Playstore. 

And you should make sure that both your pc and Android Tv box should have connected to the same WIFI. Now, first and foremost, in your Android Tv Box go to the Es Explorer and you will encounter a Manager option, press it to go forward. 

After that, press the Turn On button for the Remote manager to open then copy the FTP address given. Now on your computer, right-click on it and select ‘Add a network location’. 

Then to continue, you have to click Next two times. Then input the FTP address given by the app and choose next again to continue. In this phase, giving a name to the network location is a must. Then after finishing it, just click Finish.

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 Now exploring your Android Tv Box from your computer is possible and cloning files to your Android Tv Box from your computer as well.

How To Clone Android TV Box

Can Android box be hacked?

Security company Checkpoint has claimed that hackers can take control of your smartphone, tablet, smart TV, computer and etc. by manipulating subtitle text files. 

Through the subtitle files, a wide range of devices running the hugely popular Kodi media player software can be taken control of. Other software like Media players VLC, Popcorn Time, and Stremio can also be hacked by hackers anytime as Checkpoint confirmed. 

These media players run into the hundreds of millions as they have a combined userbase. A range of writers can create and upload the Subtitle files for movies and televisions to online repositories like 

HTML or Java code is the typical Markup and programming language written in these files for the subtitles to be displayed on-screen. But the downside is it can cover up malicious commands that allow hackers to have complete control of a certain device running the media player. 

User should always update their streaming players to always have the latest version and avoid being exploited.

 How do you install apps on Android TV?

Downloading and installing apps on Android TV is somewhat similar to Android Mobile phones. In the Android TV Home screen find and scroll to “Apps” then select the Google Play Store app. 

After that, search or browse for apps and games. In order to view different categories, you have to move up or down. 

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If the category that you’re interested in pops up, moving to the right will make the items viewable. In search, just select the Search area to type what you want. 

On the apps that are free just select install. But in the paid apps, you have to follow the on-screen procedures to complete buying.


Now for sure you already have a piece of knowledge on How to Clone Android TV Box. You also have got tips on how to protect your Android Box from malicious attacks. 

Now your curiosity is solved, you can now surf the web to stream video or anything you want to do in Android Box.

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