How much is my custom PC worth?: Finding out your custom PC’s value

If you are looking for the answer to “How much is my custom PC worth?”, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will discuss different components in your computer that can decide the retail price, and how you can determine the value of your PC.

Excited enough? Then buckle up with us, and let’s find out how much your custom PC costs.

What are the elements to consider in a custom PC?

Softwares used on the computer

All the software and applications you have put into your computer will moderately affect your custom PC’s selling value. Especially for programs and software that you have paid for the full version, they are also counted in the resale price.

Even though memberships can now and then be moved from one computer to another, just interminable licenses attached to the workstation will follow upon resale.

A PC with restrictive programming and licenses introduced on it might be worth more than a PC with no packaged contribution.

The working condition

The working condition

Where, when, and how do you use this computer? These questions will lead to the answer to how much you can sell your custom PC. You can consider these following points to determine your PC’s working environment status:

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Is your custom PC in a personal use or a chain of computers? Is it mostly used for immature or professional business?

Is it running specific projects, including gaming, outstanding server tasks at hand, superior figuring?
Is it frequently exposed to harsh environments such as contaminants, smoke, etc.?

Your custom PC’s packaging and body parts’ current condition

Here are what you need to look at to estimate this criterion:
– Examine every single external surface and detect if there is any scrape, scratch, scraped spot, and so forth.

– Go through the components. Check if there is any water or dampness and dry it up. This action helps to prevent your framework from being disturbed.

– Ensure every single interior segment is still useful and liberated from residue.

How much is my custom PC worth

How much is my custom PC worth?

Is it difficult to determine the price for a custom PC?

When it comes to custom PCs, the price ranges can change everyday.

On the off chance that you purchased a prebuilt PC from a boutique shop and didn’t move up to name-brand parts, your machine won’t be worth as much as the one with conspicuous brands for motherboard, memory, illustrations cards, and processors.

How to retain your custom PC’s value?

To retain your custom PC value, you must keep up its use to be as productive as in day one. No one wants to own a custom PC that seems to have low quality.

Another tip is to resale your custom PC to those who actually have knowledge on computing related issues. It’s easier for tech-lovers to understand the computing’s technical problems, therefore you can negotiate a decent price for your custom PC.

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Another tip to keep up the high price for your custom PC is to keep all of the authentic programs that you purchased and installed in the past. Don’t delete them when you hand over your PC.

These authenticity-approved programs already cost a fortune, and with the owner’s effort in installing and making them compatible with the computer, this is the thing that helps raising the standard and price for your custom PC.
If you follow these three simple rules, you will wind up receiving awesome rebuy deals for your custom PC, getting a chance to own a more updated PC as a result.

Besides, a few items on your computer cannot be transferred from one to another. Without the legitimate exchange, it can be troublesome for you and your computer.

To eliminate the potential risks, be careful when purchasing or selling PCs with programs or applications proposed to be a worth-add. By strictly following the provided permit terms, you can have a safe yet profitable custom PC’s business.


And that’s our answer to the question, “How much is my custom PC worth?” By following our above guides, we guarantee that you can negotiate the best deal for your custom PC.

We would love to hear great things from you and your custom PC. See you in the next IT articles! Bye for now!

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