How Much Can I Sell My PC for?

You have an old dusty PC stashing in the closet for ages, and you are thinking of passing it to a new owner as leaving it there would be such a waste? You are not alone. We all want to get the most money from the old PC and this post – “How much can I sell my PC for?” – can help you determine a fair price for your old stuff.

Let team show you the right way to close a great deal for that seemingly outdated device of yours!

How much can I sell my PC for?

Is your PC still in good condition?

Whether your PC can function without a glitch determines how much you can get from it. So, the first thing to check if it is still in its tip-top shape.

If yes, then you are in luck. You see, even an old PC of old-as-the-hill models can be sold averagely from $100 – $700 depending on its condition at the time of trading. So, as long as it is still in ready mode, there is always room for price negotiation.
How can I determine my PC's specifications

How can I determine my PC’s specifications?

Make sure to identify your PC’s specifications before putting a price tag on it. Clueless as to where to spot them? Chill! These details are already stacked within your computer. Just do a bit digging and they will be right before your very eyes.

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You see, most specifications are located in “System” or “Settings” of your computer, so, in order to get them all out, just type “Settings” or “System” on the Search Tool.

In the “System”/”Settings” pop-up appearing, you can find these specific items such as:

Processor: show what kind of CPU you have
RAM: list how much memory you have.
– Hard drive storage: shows the total of GB you have and how much you used.
The age of your PC: In the term “Installed on” of Settings, you will find the installation date.

There is another way, which is using the Run App, then typing msinfo32.exe and pressing OK/Enter to open System Information.

Under BIOS Version/Date, you can find how old your PC is. In case you don’t know where to find the Run App, refer to the Search Tool again.

This is the simplest way to tell how old your computer might be even if you are not aware of when it was manufactured. Besides, if the Window was installed only one time by the manufacturer, then chances are that the computer was released on the very date displayed.

Now that you have got a glimpse of all the specs information on your PC. Let’s estimate a reasonable price for your used PC. Keep in mind that not only the specification but also the release year should be taken into account in this step.

Case in point, if your PC was manufactured in 2010 or before, with a RAM of 8GB and Processor Intel Core 2 Duo, it can be sold at around $100 – $150. But in case you have a Lenovo Ideapad, released in 2019, Processor Intel Core i7 8th Gen and 16GB RAM , you can consider a price tag of approx $600 – $650.

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Should I improve my old system?

Nobody wants to buy a slow machine, right?
If you find your PC is rather outdated and its performance falls belows your worst anticipation, hesitate at nothing and begin setting up more utilities that will improve and speed up your PC, or even upgrading your machine before selling it. The specs details you have just found above can help you identify what kind of new PC hardware you can buy to boost its performance.

However, how effective this tactic is can varu. Upgrading your PC will make it better and thus, raising your resale price, but no guarantee this action will prove profitable. It depends on who the buyer is. Some people appreciate your effort to make your PC better before selling to them and therefore, they are willing to pay higher; but sometimes, the others don’t.

Where is the best place to sell my PC

Where is the best place to sell my PC?

There are no boundaries as to old computer markets, you can bring it to the thrift store, or perhaps try your luck on some online trading platforms such as eBay or Craigslist to make a deal.

With eBay, you can see a price that buyers indicate for the second-hand machine like yours when you enter the manufacturer’s name and model of your PC in the Search field, don’t forget to choose the Used button in the searching results site.

On the other hand, Craigslist is an economical choice and considered as the cheapest way. The disadvantage is that Craigslist is more popular to those who want to sell locally, and so maybe it will not suit your purpose should you are thinking of reaching out for foreign buyers to increase your chance.

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Most renowned eCommerce platforms out there are somewhat similar to these two systems, so just take them as a prime example. But never forget that each site has their own rules and policies, and it is your job to read and comply with them to prevent getting into troubles.

In conclusion

Even when your PC has a little damage, it is still valuable for some people willing to pay. “How much can I sell my PC for?” is not a difficult question anymore.

Make sure you identify all specifications, set it at a reasonable price, back up your data, wipe your PC clean, and then market it on some online platforms.

Your PC can now be sent to the new owner soon.

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