Change Screenshot Location Android

If you have been wanting to change screenshot location on android, this blog is the one for you. Engaging in an unfamiliar device may take you some time to dig through its files and settings.

Hence, we are here to provide a convenient way to escape issues and save your screenshots in their proper location.

So, if you want to learn more, we will further discuss all information regarding changing the screenshot location on android devices.

How to take a screenshot on Android devices?

Most Smartphones have a common technique for taking a screenshot, however, if the shown technique is not applicable for you, better seek help from the manufacturer’s support website.

The first thing to do is to identify the screen display that needs to be captured.

Simultaneously push and hold for a few seconds the power and volume down switch. After that, there will be a notification that the screenshot was done.

Another technique depending on the device is to use your three fingers. Slide three fingers together from the top screen down to the bottom. Then you shall see at the gallery that the screenshot is already saved.

Where are screenshots stored on Android devices?

Whenever you take a screenshot using your Android phone or tablet, the built-in tools usually store screenshots on the “Screenshots” folder on your device.

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On the other hand, accessing the location of the screenshot is not the same on all Android brands and models.  Most Android devices use another photo app to look at the contents of the Screenshots folder.

How to change where screenshots are stored on Android?

Screenshots on Android devices are stored on internal storage with a specific folder on DCIM named “Screenshots”.

As you go to the internal storage, open the DCIM folder. Add a new file named “.nonmedia” in the screenshot folder.

By doing that, it will not alter the storage location of screenshot images, thus, screenshots are prohibited to be displayed on the Camera again.

Change Screenshot Location Android

How to change where my screenshots are stored?

Unfortunately, only a few Android devices can alter the location of the Screenshots folder from internal memory then transferred it to the SD card. Since it is a built-in tool already, it may be difficult to change.

But regardless of that issue, there are modified ways to automatically store the screenshots to SD cards. For those Smartphones users, there are third-party applications available on the Google Play store.

These applications such as Photos App, Auto Transfer Lite, Screen Master, and others will help you take amazing screenshots and store them in your preferred location.

How do I change the screenshot location to an SD card? 

Choose any third-party applications recommended previously or any preferences from your Google Play Store. Let us say you chose the Auto Transfer Lite app.

Install the app, then follow these steps so you could convert the screenshot’s folder location from the internal memory to the SD card.

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The first step, in opening the Auto Transfer Lite, you should create a new “Auto Transfer” procedure by tapping the plus icon at the upper right corner of the screen.

Secondly, type a specific name for the procedure which is “Screenshot Transfer”. Now on the “Source Folder”, go from the internal memory to the DCIM, then pick the screenshot folder.

In the fourth step, touch the three-dot icon in the upper right corner and select the Screenshot folder.

The fifth step is the part where you have to select a specified folder location (e.g. Micro SD memory card) as the “Target Folder” on where you will store your future screenshot images.

The sixth step, activate the “Scan Media file after moved” by turning on the switch. Lastly, to save and activate the auto-transfer procedure, tap the floppy disk icon.


Did you find out how to change the screenshot location on your Android device?

Just remember, once you know the basic setting of your phone, it will be easy to manipulate it. You may also choose to apply the alternative guides if the basic steps do not work.

Before leaving this article, we hoped you gained some important information and share it with other people with screenshot storage difficulties.

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