Can You Shoot 45 Long Colt In A 410 Shotgun?

Welcome to our discussion on whether you can shoot .45 Long Colt ammunition in a .410 shotgun. Let’s dive right in and explore this intriguing topic.

Can You Shoot 45 Long Colt In A 410 Shotgun?

Can You Shoot 45 Long Colt In A 410 Shotgun?

It is not advisable to do so. The chamber pressure in a Colt .45 is typically around 14,000 psi, and it can be even higher for certain manufacturers. On the other hand, the chamber pressure for a .410 shotgun is designed to handle up to 13,000 psi.

Additionally, the inside muzzle diameter of a full choke .410 shotgun is typically set at approximately .396, which could potentially lead to complications or issues.

What caliber can you shoot out of a 410 shotgun?

What caliber can you shoot out of a 410 shotgun?Many shooters perceive the .410-bore as a specialized shotgun, but it can be utilized for various hunting pursuits and clay-target sports, much like the more common gauges such as the 10-, 12-, 16-, 20-, or 28-gauge.

It’s important to note that the .410 is equivalent to a 67-gauge, meaning its payload will never be as powerful as the larger bore diameters, which imposes limitations on effective shooting distances. However, the notion that a .410 shotgun is inferior at shorter ranges is inaccurate. In a test conducted by Field & Stream shooting editor Bob Brister, patterns from a .410 were compared to a 12-gauge with the same shotshell charge weight through full chokes.

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Surprisingly, the results revealed that the .410 actually produced a denser pattern of pellets at 20 yards than the 12-gauge, although the larger bore significantly outperformed the .410 at 40 yards.

Is 410 and 45 the same size?

Is 410 and 45 the same size?

The .410 bore (10.4 mm) is considered one of the smallest shotgun shell calibers readily available, alongside the 9mm Flobert rimfire cartridge and the less common .22 rimfire shot shell. It is particularly suitable for small game hunting and pest control purposes.

Originally, the .410 bore, along with the .360 and various rimfire bore sizes (such as 9 mm, 7 mm, and 6 mm), emerged as garden guns in the United Kingdom. Interestingly, .410 shells share similar base dimensions with the .45 Colt cartridge, allowing certain single-shot firearms, derringers, and revolvers chambered in that caliber to fire .410 shot shells without any modifications.

What gun shoots 410 and 45?

The Taurus Judge is a revolver manufactured by Taurus International, featuring a five-shot capacity. It is specifically designed to accommodate both .410 bore shot shells and the .45 Colt cartridge. Taurus markets the Judge as a self-defense weapon, ideal for countering carjacking incidents and providing home protection.

No, shooting .45 Long Colt ammunition in a .410 shotgun is not recommended due to differences in size and pressure. Doing so may result in damage to the firearm or injury.

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