Arctic Silver 5 vs MX-4: The Secret Some May Not Know

Tired of the heat your laptops produce, then why don’t you resort to a thermal paste?

However, there are various thermal pastes out there on the market, and if you’re keen on buying this item, you may wonder between Arctic Silver 5 vs MX-4 and find it hard to pick out the best one.

Come on! Don’t be put off by these difficulties above. It will not be as hard as you think, once you have read our post . Let’s start, shall we?

Review On Arctic Silver 5 vs MX-4

1, Arctic Silver 5

This Arctic Silver 5 thermal compound includes three special sizes of silver particles to optimize the contact zone as well as thermal transfers between particles.

It’s optimized for use between high-processed CPUs and high-powered heatsinks. More precisely, this tubing of 3.5 grams provides adequate compound for a total of 15-25 smaller CPU cores, or 6-10 large CPU cores or for 2-5 heat plates.

If you pay much attention to the contact area, surely this product won’t let you down. Arctic Silver 5 utilizes three separate pure silver particle sizes for optimizing the contact space.

Besides, Arctic Silver 5 offers a powerful performance, including more 88 percent thermally conducting weight filling.

It contains boron nitride particles, sub-micron zinc oxide, and aluminum oxide, besides its micronized silver. The ceramic particles thermally enhanced help to improve performance and stability of the compound for a long time.
What makes it the ideal choice for you is that it isn’t electrically conductive.Arctic Silver 5 was served for conducting heat, not conducting electricity.

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Nevertheless, Arctic Silver 5 should be kept away from electromagnetic trails, pins and leads despite being healthier than electro-conductive silver or copper greases.

Although this compound is non-electrically conductive, it is slightly capable and can cause problems by bridging two electrical pathways in near vicinity.


  • Not electrically conductive
  • Stability
  • Maximized contact area
  • High density
  • 99.9% Pure Silver fast transfer


  • A thermal pad is required
  • Can seriously affect parts of the computer

2, Arctic MX-4

Another thermal paste from the Arctic is the Arctic MX-4.
To begin with, this product is profoundly easy to apply, even for beginners. With an ideal consistency, the MX-4 is very easy to use. You may only need a brief and concise guidance to apply it.

Another advantage of this product is its excellent performance. Surpassing in performance, MX-4 is fully deserved to be ranked among the best thermal compounds.

To be more specific, the ARCTIC MX-4 compound includes carbon micro -particles and that results in a high thermal conductivity. It ascertains that heat from the GPU is released fast and effectively.

Like Arctic Silver 5, this product is also not electrically conductive.
To be more specific, it contains no metallic particles, so electrical conductivity won’t be a problem. Therefore, we can be sure that contact with these electrical pins won’t lead to any sort of damage..

If you cast doubt on the product’s quality, surely this product won’t put you off. In terms of awards, this product has been awarded a Top Product Award from a Hardware in Germany in 2010, as it won against 11 other thermal pastes on the shelves. Is that enough?

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  • Easy Application
  • Optimal Thermal Conductivity
  • Non-Electrical Conductive
  • Low Thermal Resistance
  • Non-Capacitive
  • No Curing
  • No Bleeding
  • Non-Corrosive
  • Thermal conductivity: 8.5 W / mK
  • Viscosity: 870 poise
  • Density: 2.5 g/cm3


  • Starts to dry pretty quick
  • No available instructions for novices

Arctic Silver 5 vs MX-4 - Which Is The Best?

Arctic Silver 5 vs MX-4 – Which Is The Best?

After having considered all factors, we highly advise you to choose the Arctic MX-4.

First and foremost, the MX-4 is much easier to apply than the Arctic Silver 5. Even beginners, with no prior experience, can apply this product without any difficulties.

And what makes Arctic MX-4 become the ideal choice for consumers is that it highly protects your computer.

While the Silver 5 seriously affects your computer’s fanning and performance, MX-4 both protects your computer from overheating and improves its performance. Therefore, Arctic MX-4 is considered to be much better than Arctic Silver 5.

Final Thoughts

Surely, this article has put forward answers to the frequently asked question “Arctic Silver 5 vs MX-4, Which One Is Better?”.

As you can see from our article, choosing the ideal product is not as hard as you have imagined, once you have read our tip.

No matter what others say, your decision is much more important. Think carefully and refer to this review again to purchase your best item.

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